Gerber's Prodigy Tanto Knife

Another new knife we saw fromm Gerber at this year's SHOT Show is the Prodigy Tanto. Added to the Prodigy family this knife came to me for test and evaluation and I accepted it readily.

Now, MSRP is going to be $80 according to the information I was provided. Typically that means you can search online and find a better price from a company that distributes Gerber products.

As with all knives I test, this one accompanied me out back to cut, chop, puncture, etc. I had no issues cutting any materials I had on hand with this knife. In fact it was pretty easy to cut string, twine, fishing line, rope (plastic, cotton and hemp), and plastic construction bucket chunks. I had trouble penetrating through my usual 1/4" plywood sheet with this and I attribute that to the mild drop point design. Although the Tanto style tip is famous for its penetrative ability, I was having difficulty. Thankfully the grip is very secure and comfortable.

All in all I was / am quite satisfied with the knife's performance. I like the size of it. I like the general design of it. I really like the sheath's innovations in elastic snap strap and elastic security hood. I recommend you check them out online.

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