SureStrike Laser Bullet

The SureStrike Laser Bullet dry-fire training system comes in a nice neat small package about five inches long, three inches wide and an inch deep. You provide the safe weapon and let the training begin.

Now while that may not sound like much of a challenge, hitting a 2.5" target from 25 yards is daunting for most shooters. While most handgunners I know would have no trouble with such shots from 7 or even 15 yards (a few of them anyway), when you stretch out the distance it gets more difficult. Your minor mistakes make bigger misses down range. So the recommendation is that you start out "up close and personal". Start out at ten to fifteen feet - the comfortable width of your office, study or a space in your garage. Put out one target and practice your basic marksmanship skills until you can hit that single target 100% of the time.

Then put up another target at the same level and distance and shoot one shot on each back-to-back. Left, right. Left, right. Left, right. What you should be practicing is recovery time and tempo. Your shots should have a rhythm and your movement between them should be smooth. When you can consistently hit both targets, offset the height of them so that you're not just moving side to side but up and down as well. "Diagonal displacement" this is sometimes called. When you've mastered that add a third target... and then a fourth... fifth... and the sixth. When you can hit all six targets, having to turn, adjust your point of aim up and down and maintain your basic marksmanship skills to ensure your hits, then you're doing pretty well. And THAT is the kind of training this system empowers that can be difficult to do even on the "square range" outside.

With an MSRP of $159 and (so far) hundreds of shots available from the original battery, the per-shot cost of this training system is pretty low. For more information you can check them out online (link below).

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