Tracking Man With K9

After attending the course from American Mantrailing Academy, I realized how much my dog could do.

These steps taken by the troopers would prove to be crucial in the successful apprehension and evidence recovery that would soon take place. Officer Morgan arrived on scene with his K-9 partner. The track started at the suspect's truck. After one (1) mile of tracking the suspect into the woods, Officer Morgan and his K-9 recovered a loaded handgun that was tossed by the suspect. Officer Morgan then came to a creek bed. Using the skills that he acquired from our man tracking class Officer Morgan was able to see a scuff mark on the ground just on the other side of the creek. He also observed broken ice where the suspect had stepped. Officer Morgan was able to redirect his K-9 partner on the area that was scuffed allowing them to continue the track. After another mile Officer Morgan came to a heavily barbed wire fence. Officer Morgan again found himself looking for a safe place to cross. While looking, he observed the leaves and grass on the other side of this fence. Officer Morgan observed some leaves with missing frost on them. After he and his K-9 were able to get over the fence he redirected his K-9 to the area that had missing frost. After another ½ mile Officer Morgan and his K-9 not only located the holster which held the gun they recovered, but they were able to successfully apprehend the suspect.

Officer Morgan stated, "It was this incident that reminded me of how valuable the man trailing seminar was to me. It literally made the difference from catching the suspect to letting him get away. I would like anyone who has not taken this course to read my story and allow me to say that this is by far the most beneficial seminar I have ever attended and feel that every law enforcement officer should possess this knowledge to help them become better officers. It was because of my k9 that we located the suspect. It was because of the man trailing skills learned I could continue my k9 in a successful direction."

I don't need to get into how dangerous this situation was. It was at night, unfamiliar terrain for both officer and K-9, and tracking an armed suspect. This type of work exemplifies how important K-9s are to any department. Due to our department allowing us to host the Mantrailing Seminar Officer Morgan was able to apprehend an armed, violent felon. This seminar allowed him to use the skills he already possessed, along with the new ones that were learned from the seminar, to come to a successful conclusion. I would urge any K-9 handler to attend this type of seminar. To the gentleman of the American Maintrailing Academy, my hats off to you, job well done.

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