Luminox Watch Review

When I wake up in the middle of the night though, the ONLY watch I can see on my bureau is this Luminox.

Each watch employs tiny self-powered micro gas lights developed by the world leader in the luminous compound industry. These micro gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules) are installed into the hands, hour markers, and when necessary, bezels of our watches. Luminox watches need no external light source to "charge" the paint on the dial or hands in order to glow as do conventional luminous watches. Nor do they require the push of a button to light the dial as do watches with electroluminescence. The U.S. military has long recognized the advantages of micro gas light sources and their use is specified in procurement specification MIL-W-46374F.

Our self-powered illumination–Luminox Light Technology (LLT) allows one to view time-at-a-glance, no matter what the light level, even in complete darkness. This ease of being able to read time effortlessly seems to fill a need for various military and law enforcement groups.

So, the wear testing I've performed has proven this is a pretty rugged watch - and it's not even the stainless steel case version. It keeps good time (within a half-second per month accuracy according to my testing). It's water resistant far deeper than I'm ever going to need (and now Luminox has a "deep dive" line that's water resistant to 500 meters if you really want that).

After all that, I can recommend Luminox watches without hesitation. Check out their website for more info:

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