Use the cloud to lower sky-high costs

Today, agencies of any size and budget can deploy state-of-the-art dispatch – in 90 days or less. Cloud computing, enhanced security and affordable pricing make all the difference as agencies throughout the country face greater public safety...

Architecture needs to also ensure agencies can meet the impending challenges of Next Generation 911 (NG911). For example, the CAD solution should integrate with NG911 voice and data services through established industry standards.

Because NG911 will become available at different times to different jurisdictions, agencies must be able to configure, test and implement NG911 solutions and services at their own pace, according to the best use of agency resources, while assuring the continued safety of the public. DispatchNow solutions and services are fully modular and customizable to meet the unique requirements of individual agencies, and can scale to support the full range feature-rich multimedia content available with NG911. DispatchNow’s NG911 system will moreover deliver voice, text and multimedia content through fully secure and redundant networks with the goal of allowing agencies to enhance the safety and services they provide to their communities.

“DispatchNow Mobile arms our officers with more of the critical data they need to safely and efficiently respond to calls in the field,” says Weimar PD Chief Bill Livingston. “Not only are manual tasks automated now with the technology of the mobile system, but our officers can file required reporting instantly from their squad cars. The automatic vehicle location capabilities also greatly improve our officer safety and response effectiveness.” With more information at hand, officers are not only better able to protect themselves and their communities, but they are freed up to perform their primary and critical responsibility of saving lives, not scribing.

Regardless of the economic environment or budgetary pressures, harnessing new developments in technology that save time and money represents a real step forward as communities throughout the country seek to adapt to the “new normal” facing those who serve in public safety.

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