Use the cloud to lower sky-high costs

Today, agencies of any size and budget can deploy state-of-the-art dispatch – in 90 days or less. Cloud computing, enhanced security and affordable pricing make all the difference as agencies throughout the country face greater public safety...

Fortunately, significant advances have enabled public safety personnel to do more with less — and to deploy these solutions quickly, easily and at low overall cost. To fill this need sophisticated and affordable public safety CAD and mobile integrated solutions are needed, including a hosted SaaS (software as a service) delivery option. This type of solution offers a complete public safety platform for dispatch and mobile communications that scales for agencies, jurisdictions and environments of any size or complexity. Companies such as Tiburon with its DispatchNow can include a unique deployment technology to save time, money and resources while also offering seamless integration with Next Generation 911 systems.

Many jurisdictions have been looking to hosted solutions to provide state-of-the art technology without a substantial up-front investment or ongoing maintenance costs. Available hosted delivery options offer even faster, more cost-effective implementation and state-of-the-art remote system monitoring. The SaaS solution features full functionality at a price that can be easily accommodated, even by the constrained operating budgets of the current environment — and requires no need to tap into capital expenditure budgets. And because the servers are hosted in a secure offsite facility, and not installed at the local facilities, hosted options do not require agencies to purchase or maintain any additional hardware.

Hosted “cloud computing” has the added benefits of increased availability and resilience while also maintaining the absolute security and integrity of mission-critical data. Fault-tolerant architecture with multiple redundancies helps make such technology as secure and reliable as it is cost-effective. Customers also benefit from cost-effective system implementation and operation, and a streamlined backup center solution.

Solutions dynamically allocate computer resources to ensure customers always experience maximum availability and performance — even during peak hours. Moreover, dynamic load balancing and intelligent resource allocation allow hardware maintenance performance without any application downtime. Should one hosted server fail, other servers in the resource pool can take over to ensure PSAP operations continue uninterrupted.

A case in point

Significantly, the transition from Colorado County’s (Texas) legacy system to DispatchNow was virtually painless. “Like many other agencies across the country, we are balancing stressed budgets with the obligation to modernize outdated public safety technologies that help our dispatchers and front line effectively respond to the needs of our communities,” says Colorado County Sheriff R.H. Wied. “But beyond affordability, being able to deploy a full-featured DispatchNow system in weeks, rather than months, is what mattered most to us in Colorado County.”

The cities of Columbus, Texas, and Weimar, Texas, also implemented DispatchNow Mobile units through the Colorado County program. As demonstrated in Colorado County, DispatchNow’s hosted solution allows smaller communities to enjoy a higher level of protection without the need for big city budgets and resources. With a subscription model, agencies can pay for the system using their operating budget, thereby eliminating the need to secure approval for a capital expenditure budget. A hosted solution also cuts out other expenses, including IT support staff and ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs. By leveraging virtualization technology, secure networks, hardened hosting facilities and advanced monitoring capabilities, it reduces implementation time, maximizes system availability and lowers total cost of ownership.

In fact, because the hosted delivery model agencies can realize savings of up to 40 percent on the total cost of ownership in the first five years. Many agencies can even completely avoid costly RFP and procurement processes by foregoing large up-front capital and service expenditures. Agencies realize additional savings through reduced IT workload with companies like Tiburon monitoring and maintenance of all servers and databases.

In addition to cost savings, dispatchers and first responders can log in to servers and immediately enter and obtain the most up-to-date data available. In the event of emergencies or disasters, command centers can be set up from multiple locations, and the systems make dispatch information, including incident type, names, addresses, built-in maps, GPS directions, license information, caller information and locations readily available online and also deliver it to laptops and mobile devices.

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