Tech FYI

You may have recently noticed within our pages a new tech mark in the form of little boxes with a grid of black and white triangular shapes. This is part of a new technological linking method known as mobile tagging. It works similarly to the scanners at the grocery store, except your phone is the scanner and the square grid of triangles the UPC barcode traditionally found on over-the-counter products.

As a frontrunner of technology, we like to stay on top of tech trends and help best serve our readers within the formats they prefer. To that end, we'll include a Tag like the square image to the (left, right, above, below?) to highlight more information online.

All you need to utilize these handy shortcuts is an Internet-capable mobile device with a camera function.

It's like a picture link for your smartphone. This technique allows you to utilize your phone as a gateway to the further critical, interesting and timely information you've come to expect from LET.

To use, first you must have the free application on your smartphone. Visit and download the free software.

Launch the reader and using your phone's mobile camera, take a picture of the Tag. You phone will read the code and retrieve the link for you, instantly sending you to the referenced link. Gettags allow you to quickly and easily get from LET pages to additional online content, pictures, videos and more.

Keep your eyes peeled: You'll be seeing Tags and similar barcodes from other mobile taggers such as EZcode, QR code and Aztec Code. The only difference between these codes is their appearance—they all perform similar functions, but each requires a different (usually free) app in order to utilize the quick link.

Microsoft Tag is available for free in most mobile application stores; just search for "Tag Reader" to get started.

Microsoft's Tag Reader program currently supports more than 500 phones listed at its site on multiple platforms including Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian and J2ME phones.

For more information or a listing of supported devices, visit