The software suggestion box

We all recall the retail business mantra “the customer is always right.” Well, while this may not always be true, the customer today has a huge voice in how law enforcement products are designed.  Software is a prime example of this trend, and...

One of Crown Pointe’s user departments incorporated the Document Management module into its state records system, and today this certified system has eliminated the need for any more paper documents.

The use of graphics is another hot feature that Crown Pointe has incorporated. Bar graphs, for example are helpful for tracking officers in training and comparing how well they do during the course of their instruction.                                 

Although today’s RMS software, regardless of the vendor, is packed with useful functionality and feature sets, there is a flipside to the gusher of customer feedback that will no doubt remain uncapped. That is, how much of any of these software’s content gets fully used?

Eric Sargent, the Crimestar national sales manager, has his own recommendation, which is that every law enforcement agency conduct a job task analysis. Such an analysis might prompt agencies to resist changing the ways they handle their records. Concludes Sargent: “Look at everything you’re doing and why you’re doing it that way. There’s probably a better way to do it, and that better way may be right in the RMS software you have.”

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