The bulge & the badge

0230 hours: I walked northbound on North Main Street in Freeport, N.Y., with a black hooded sweatshirt over my head, my tan Timbs, a black ski mask, and a Marlboro Light cigarette in my hand, which was more than just a prop. I wore an earphone leading...

Sometimes people ask me about the fact that I've gained a few back, and I remind them that everybody has a "comfort weight", and you just have to find yours. The weight that you can be healthy at, and that you can feel good about yourself at. A weight that you can maintain comfortably with a reasonable amount of effort, but that doesn't stress you out or send you right off the wagon. It's important to remember that everybody's body is different. Your genetics and metabolism will never change, no matter how much weight you lose. If you have very slow metabolism, or bad genetics, which allows you to eat only HALF of what your friends are eating, try to put a positive spin on it, and remember that they have to spend much more money on food than you do! HAHAHA!! And knowing how cheap most cops usually are.... THAT's a GOOD thing.

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