Video: Gunfire Erupts as Texas Police Pursue Armed Suspect

June 5, 2024
When Arlington police officers confronted an armed man in connection with a domestic disturbance, the suspect fled in a truck and opened fire at an officer.

By Lana Ferguson

Source The Dallas Morning News

Arlington police released footage Tuesday from body-worn and dashboard cameras showing officers exchange gunfire with a 20-year-old man after he led them on a pursuit.

The man, Austin Taylor, was shot three times and no officers were injured, according to police.

Officers responded shortly before 10 a.m. May 20 to to a domestic disturbance call at a home in the 3700 block of Shady Valley Drive, where a family member of Taylor called 911 to report that they were involved in an argument with Taylor and were concerned about him, officials said in a Tuesday news release. They found him a short distance away.

Officers offered to drive Taylor back to his family’s home since no criminal offense had occurred and as they were patting him down to check for weapons, he ran away, footage showed.

“Because he was not under arrest, did not have any active warrants, and had not committed a criminal offense at that time, the officers did not pursue him,” the release said. “Instead, they went back to the home to let the family member know what happened.”

As officers were speaking with Taylor’s family member, a dispatcher alerted them that a man matching Taylor’s description approached a homeowner nearby while holding a gun and asked for money. He did not hurt the homeowner and left without taking anything.

Since officers learned Taylor was potentially armed, they began searching for him. At the same time, people on a nearby golf course were calling 911 to say a man holding a gun was running through the area.

Taylor returned home before officers found him, and a family member alerted police. By the time officers arrived back at the house, Taylor was in a pickup.

Footage showed officers telling Taylor to get out of the truck, but he began reversing out of the driveway. At this point, one of the officers said he saw a handgun.

Officers began pursuing Taylor in the truck and at one point during the chase, Taylor fired a shot through his windshield at an officer, according to the and footage.

Moments later, Taylor crashed into a SUV also traveling along Shady Valley Drive, got out of the truck holding the handgun and ran away. The driver of the SUV suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to police.

A handful of officers chased Taylor on foot, following him back to a home in the 3700 block of Shady Valley Drive, where he ran up a driveway into a carport.

Two officers approached the end of the driveway and saw Taylor holding the gun, police said. Both officers, one with a pistol and one with a rifle, fired multiple shots at Taylor. Police said they do not believe Taylor fired any shots from the carport.

Footage showed officers yelling at Taylor to show both his hands, which he eventually did, and he was placed in handcuffs. After realizing Taylor had been shot, officers rendered aid until paramedics arrived on scene and he was transported a hospital.

Taylor was taken to the Tarrant County jail after being treated and released from the hospital.

He faces two counts of a family violence aggravated assault, and one count each of aggravated assault on a public servant, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and evading arrest, according to police.

Police have not said an exact number of how many shots were fired by Taylor or the officers. During the criminal investigation, police say, detectives determined Taylor fired shots at a neighboring house when he returned to his family’s home and before he got in the truck.

The criminal investigation is ongoing.

Administrative investigations into whether the officers who fired their service weapons acted within department guidelines and policies are also ongoing.


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