Webinar: Active Shooters on the Campus

Join SecurityInfoWatch.com, Officer.com and Secured Cities for a webinar about how to prepare for, prevent and manage active shooter incidents at schools and universities. You’ll learn from leading school security expert Paul Timm (RETA Security) on how to assess your risk, identify security weaknesses and plan operationally for an active shooter or other violent incident at your school. Joining Mr. Timm will be Retired Police Officer Frank Borelli who now serves as editor-in-chief of the law enforcement industry site Officer.com. Mr. Borelli will discuss his post-incident assessment at Virginia Tech and how law enforcement response to active shooters has changed in response to school shootings. He’ll also examine how your school or university can best work with law enforcement in advance of and during such an incident. Concluding the program will be Cook County Sheriff’s Office Trauma Unit Director of Medical Operations Andrew Dennis, who will discuss the medical tactics that play a key role in crisis response on campus. All speakers will participate in a Q&A session with attendees as part of the program.

Key learning points:

  • School security preparations related to violent incidents
  • Law enforcement response methodologies to active shooter incidents
  • Medical response to active shooters
  • Campus hardening to prevent violent incidents