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The Threat of GPS Jamming: The Risk to an Information Utility

Date: 11/13/13

Need actionable intelligence? Detect and locate illegal jamming technology. VIEW »

Building the Electronic Crime Investigation and Digital Evidence Collection Capacity of the Criminal Justice Community

Date: 06/11/13

In today’s world of increasing technological saturation, it’s often a challenge for a law enforcement agency to stand up an effective data forensics investigation unit. Watch this webinar and see what assistance or information might be... VIEW »

Interoperability - More Than Just Communications

Date: 05/24/13

Interoperability became a hot topic after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 as we all tried to address communication challenges. A lot has changed since then. Watch this webinar and see what challenges your agency may be facing that... VIEW »

Webinar: Active Shooters on the Campus

Date: 09/27/12

Join SecurityInfoWatch.com, Officer.com and Secured Cities for a webinar about how to prepare for, prevent and manage active shooter incidents at schools and universities. You’ll learn from leading school security expert Paul Timm (RETA Security... VIEW »

Webinar - AEDs: How to find the money and save lives

Date: 09/10/12

Learn how Sgt. Simon found the funds, fought the budgetary battles, and saw the AED initiative through. VIEW »

TIME is a Four-Letter Word in Mobile Device Investigations: Increasing Effectiveness in the Field and in the Lab

Date: 04/13/11

Join Lee Reiber, Founder of Mobile Forensics, Inc and Director of Mobile Phone Forensics at AccessData, as he discusses how law enforcement agencies can increase the effectiveness of mobile phone examinations in the field as well as in the lab. VIEW »

Using Technology to Mold Tomorrow’s Officer

Date: 10/05/11

Both virtual and live-fire weapons training programs are benefitting from technological advancements. Technology continues to change the way military and law enforcement personnel prepare for the battlefield or patrol. From virtual marksmanship and... VIEW »

Road Safety Cameras: Why Photo Enforcement is a Valuable Public Safety Tool

Date: 08/10/11

Traffic safety issues are foremost for all law enforcement officials. In less than 60 minutes, you’ll learn practices on how cameras can work for your community. VIEW »

Reducing Computer Forensics Case Load: Are you Employing Best Practices for Collaborative Analysis & Lab Infrastructure?

Date: 06/23/11

There was a day when 30 minutes viewing a floppy diskette sector by sector in the hopes of recovering one or two files that may prove beneficial to an investigation was all it took to make the case. Today, it may take 30 days to create and analyze... VIEW »

Mobile Identity Management

Date: 04/11/11

Thanks to the development of mobile technologies, using biometrics is a reality for the patrol officer who is properly equipped. VIEW »