StressVest: World's First Non Projectile Force on Force Firearm Training System with a Pain Penalty.

StressVest is the world's most advanced and first non projectile, force on force, firearms tactical training system that creates stress during training. It utilizes a training firearm that fires an eye safe laser pulse which activates the StressVest when on target. The StressVest will deliver a vibration to role players or a safe localized shock to the waistline of students. The patented system has numerous training modes such as Move to Cover and Injured Officer Mode, which forces the student to have to focus on the task at hand and ignore interference from the pain stimulus.


StressVest® System features:

  • Allows officers to train under a state of acute stress creating schemas that will dramatically increase their ability to survive a deadly force encounter with a firearm.
  • Sets up in seconds, maximizing training time and allowing you to train anywhere, anytime.
  • Does NOT require any special safety equipment, saving you time and money. Most importantly creating more realistic training by allowing you to see facial cues and hear auditory sounds clearly. Finally . . . train the way you fight.
  • Operates through most color clothing, allowing the StressVest® to be completely concealed.
  • Training lasers can be fired through windows/windshields and offer a perfect ballistic match to issued ammunition for accuracy/distance.
  • Requires NO safety equipment. No projectiles = greater safety, less cost, no clean up, no need for special training facility.
  • Utilizes the wireless StressX™ PRO Belt that has Patent Pending software offering Advanced Training Modes never before seen in RBT dynamic scenarios.
  • Only registers center mass hits ensuring transference on how students are trained to shoot on the range vs shooting in force on force training.
  • Optional Head Sensors and side panels allow for specialized training.
  • Integrated Training IED's provide for a pain penalty to Officers/Soldiers within a preset "kill radius" upon detonation.