General Topics

  • Cause and Effect

    Have an impact on your survival by understanding the law of cause and effect

    Article • August 19th, 2010

  • Hidden Honor or Illuminated Infamy

    Sometimes a legacy of professional honor is better spent in the shadows, than one minute of shame is spent in the sun.

    Article • August 18th, 2010

  • Brady v. Md Can Get You Fired

    Did you know you could be civilly liable for failing to collect and preserve exculpatory evidence for the defendant?

    Article • August 16th, 2010

  • Officer Down Aftermath

    There has been a 43% increase related to officers who have died in the line of duty this year. That means there has been a 43% increase in the number of survivors of fallen officers.

    Article • August 11th, 2010

  • Stressed On The Street, Pt 2

    Be proactive now to have a better and healthier life with fewer health problems, less stress and a whole lot more fun.

    Article • August 9th, 2010

  • My Wife & A New Rifle

    Any number of possible, national, events could put the entire country into chaos unlike anything we have ever seen.

    Article • July 29th, 2010

  • Legendary Lawman John Slaughter

    "Texas John Slaughter" was one heck of a moniker to like up to for a five foot six inch tall lawman.

    Article • July 28th, 2010

  • Where did your money go?

    Unless you know how you are spending your money, you cannot budget and you cannot control where your money goes.

    Article • July 26th, 2010

  • Training Cops in Legal Deception

    In this 8th in a series of articles on police deception in investigating crimes, Val Van Brocklin offers some practical tips on how to train officers in this ethically and legally complex tactic.

    Article • July 19th, 2010

  • Warriors In High Heels Pt. 2

    Is it a degradation of our society when we send women to fight for our country?

    Article • July 5th, 2010

  • Someday You Will Die

    Different forms of life insurance can be a part of good financial planning.

    Article • June 28th, 2010

  • If I Knew Then Book Review

    This book is a collection of 37 essays from 30 of the top law enforcement writers. However this book differs from similar collective works in the sheer passion of the writers.

    Article • June 25th, 2010

  • Legendary Lawman Wild Bill Hickok

    So much has been written about Wild Bill that the facts sometimes blend with the fiction.

    Article • June 24th, 2010

  • Can Lying for Justice Change You?

    Police lie as an accepted necessity in investigating covert criminal activity. Can lying as part of your job change you? For better or worse? Val Van Brockllin continues to explore the high stakes, complex questions raised in law enforcement’s use of...

    Article • May 17th, 2010

  • Legendary Lawman JJ Webb

    As with a great number of old west legends, this month's lawman has been depicted as serving both sides of the law.

    Article • March 25th, 2010

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