• Cold Comfort: Off-Duty Carry

    Tilt the odds in your favor by carrying a concealed handgun off-duty

    Article • May 31st, 2011

  • Kel-Tec PMR30: The World's Most Coveted Rimfire?

    Once we’ve graduated to full-bore, centerfire pistols and self-loading black rifles, .22 rimfire pistols don’t exactly blow our skirts up. I’m with you one that one. Or at least I was until recently.

    Article • May 13th, 2011

  • Are Your Assets Protected If You Must Use Deadly Force?

    As an honorably retired law enforcement officer you can legally carry a concealed weapon in most of the 50 states. However, if it is necessary to use deadly force to defend yourself or your family are you protected from financial ruin even if the shooting...

    Article • May 11th, 2011

  • The Weaponlight Boogey Man

    By this time you’ve probably heard about the Force Science News report on weapon-mounted lights by Dr. Bill Lewinski. Specifically examined were the pistol-mounted lights with pressure-activated switches manufactured by SureFire.

    Article • April 19th, 2011

  • Review: Glock Model 17 Gen 4

    While shooting the pistols showed me that they were easy to handle and easy to shoot, the armorer training gave me the necessary insight into the design to appreciate the simplicity of it.

    Article • April 1st, 2011

  • Firearms Training Sanity Check

    Too many of those charged with firearms training for the new troops fall back on the old we've always done it that way crutch.

    Article • February 15th, 2011

  • SureStrike Laser Bullet

    The SureStrike Laser Bullet dry-fire training system comes in a nice neat small package about five inches long, three inches wide and an inch deep. You provide the safe weapon and let the training begin.

    Article • February 11th, 2011

  • Glock 23 Gen4: New and Improved?

    The GLOCK 22 and 23 are at the moment the most widely issued and carry handguns for today's law enforcement officers. From a personal standpoint I've been carrying one form of GLOCK on duty and off for nearly two decades.

    Article • January 14th, 2011

  • Recent Changes from Glock

    Here, in no particular order, is the latest info from my sources at Glock.

    Article • August 12th, 2010

  • The Things Some People Say

    The challenge is to turn a stupid comment into a smart decision.

    Article • July 8th, 2010

  • Revision Eyewear's Max Michel - Shooting Tip 2

    Max discusses how to most effectively use your eyes when aiming.

    Video • June 11th, 2010

  • Coming To Grips With Grips

    If grip size and shape are not important, we would not have been adapting them for as long as police have been carrying guns.

    Article • June 10th, 2010

  • Trigger Control: Essence of Accuracy

    It is simple, but it's not easy!

    Article • May 13th, 2010

  • Colt's Grip Laser

    The unit is pistol-grip shaped, incorporates an LED light, a laser aiming device and attaches via a quick release lever to any picatinny rail system.

    Article • May 7th, 2010

  • Running Your Patrol Rifle

    Accessories and kit that can improve your performance with your carbine.

    Article • April 15th, 2010

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