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  • A Trained Response

    Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for dealing with violence must be learned and mastered. Don't wing it on the street; have a trained practiced response to deal with the threats.

    Article • October 28th, 2009

  • Preventative Maintenance

    The maintenance of your pistol, magazines, and duty gear is absolutely essential to the performance of your firearm.

    Article • October 22nd, 2009

  • Are Safeties Really Safer? Pt 3

    Can someone else run your gun ?

    Article • October 8th, 2009

  • Ambushing / Counter Ambushing, Pt 2

    Whether on foot patrol, bike patrol, or in a vehicle, attack recognition and response is critical.

    Article • September 14th, 2009

  • Glock 36 v. Kahr CW4543

    Single stack magazines, 7-round capacity, small size: the characteristics that make these full-power pistols easier to carry.

    Article • September 11th, 2009

  • Are Safeties Really Safer? Pt 2

    Guns that influenced safety designs; as technology evolved so did our concerns.

    Article • September 10th, 2009

  • The Mythical Training Syndrome

    The mythical training syndrome of annual training is not sufficient for modern law enforcement. Being a law enforcement officer requires the ability to become fluid and dynamic in every incident.

    Article • August 25th, 2009

  • Are Safeties Really Safer? Pt 1

    Can mechanical devices take the place of intelligence and training?

    Article • August 13th, 2009

  • Stoppage and Malfunction Clearing

    There is no shortage of techniques for clearing a stoppage or malfunction; just trying to explain the difference between the two sets off a hailstorm of debate.

    Article • July 30th, 2009

  • Guns And Planes

    I glance down at my watch and see that my flight window is closing quickly, especially if I have to go through the checkpoint again. He doesn't want to hear it. I show him my retired LEO ID; I may as well have shown him a picture of last year's family...

    Article • July 6th, 2009

  • Handguns to Hands-On

    Drawing our hand guns can be a daily event depending on where you work. As a result of these incidents, we spend a great deal of our training time on the range drawing and firing our weapons.

    Article • June 29th, 2009

  • See target, engage

         When it comes to launching bullets under extreme stress, there are two major schools that debate the qualities of their platform. One advocates point shooting, the other advocates aligning the sights before pressing the trigger. In reality...

    Article • January 1st, 2009

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