• Negligent Discharges: Preventable or Inevitable?

    From a completely statistical standpoint you cannot deny that the more you handle firearms the greater the likelihood that one will go ‘bang’ when you didn’t want it to. That’s not an excuse to handle firearms recklessly. It’s simply a...

    Article • May 9th, 2012

  • Glock 23 Gen4: New and Improved?

    The GLOCK 22 and 23 are at the moment the most widely issued and carry handguns for today's law enforcement officers. From a personal standpoint I've been carrying one form of GLOCK on duty and off for nearly two decades.

    Article • January 14th, 2011

  • The Evolving Weapons of Legendary Lawmen

    The first civilian force to issue a firearm was probably the Texas Rangers. They initially favored the “Texas Patterson” revolver but would later carry the Colt Single Action Army (and Winchester lever action rifles).

    Article • April 25th, 2012

  • The Great Gun Debate

    Nothing gets the blood pumping faster than a good old fashion debate over the Second Amendment. Considering we are on the verge of entering into that every four year cycle of political craziness called “election season” you can bet that someone...

    Article • March 29th, 2012

  • The Skinny On Lasers

    Lasers have been around for years, but there are still a host of misconceptions about their use and effectiveness.

    Article • March 5th, 2012

  • Fighting Shotguns: Alive or Dead?

    Just recently I spent three days at Gunsite Academy outside of Prescott, Arizona focusing intently on the fighting shotgun. Weatherby firearms the prime sponsor of the event and we would use their PA-459 12 gauge shotgun the entire time.

    Article • December 28th, 2011

  • Will is more important than Skill

    From an emotionless, analytical standpoint, it is critical to determine what mistakes an officer made that contributed to his/her untimely death.

    Article • November 15th, 2011

  • Is a Recoil Reducer Right For You?

    If it wasn’t for recoil we’d all be great shots, and no one would ever flinch (which is what causes most missed shots).

    Article • November 6th, 2011

  • Officer Radio 11/3/11: Firearms Training Off The Square Range

    Frank Borelli is joined by two guests to discuss Firearms Training and what we should be doing different on or in addition to the square range.

    Podcast • November 4th, 2011

  • Officer Radio 11/3/11: Firearms Training Off The Square Range

    Join us Thursday, Nov, 3 at 1pm eastern as host Frank Borelli is joined by two guests to discuss today’s contemporary challenges to performance enhancing firearms training.

    Article • November 2nd, 2011

  • The Red Zone

    The basic premise for The Red Zone, a one day class I recently attended in Camden, Tennessee was that during an actual life or death encounter there are far more things that should not be shot than those than should be.

    Article • October 18th, 2011

  • The Other Ninety Percent

    It’s been said that gunfighting is ten percent physical and ninety percent mental.

    Article • September 20th, 2011

  • Build Your Holster Platform

    Since the platform that the holster mounts on is wider than the holster itself and (typically) at least as tall as the holster is with the weapon included, you have some space onto which you can mount other items.

    Article • September 2nd, 2011

  • Training via DVD

    Through the use of video I’ve had the opportunity to train under some of the finest shooting, martial arts and police suspect control instructors in the country over the last 30 years.

    Article • July 28th, 2011

  • Understanding and Adapting to AR Offset

    Back in the old days we never considered offset for the M-16. When it was better understood firearms trainers would stand on the line yelling “remember your offset”. What we have found from after action reviews is that under the extreme stress of life...

    Article • July 14th, 2011

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