Officer Survival

  • The Deadliest Job in Policing

    A cop who is writing a ticket outside his car is 400% more likely to die than a cop who is inside his car. That isn't a projection or a theory. Those are names on the Wall.

    Article • April 8th, 2011

  • There Is No Room For Hate

    Yup, there are the bad guys in our midst. We know that we walk among snakes, but we should not recoil in fear.

    Article • April 8th, 2011

  • Useless Training

    As technology spreads more deeply into agencies, the number of deaths and injuries will climb - unless we take action to change this deadly course.

    Article • April 6th, 2011

  • Top 10 Myths about Mental Illness

    Mental illness is grossly misunderstood not only by the sufferers; but by the community at large, including law enforcement.

    Article • March 9th, 2011

  • On Preparation

    How to be ready internally and externally for whatever the reality of life throws your way.

    Article • February 28th, 2011

  • War On Cops?

    It has been a rough 24 or more hours with officers shot and killed and shot and wounded throughout the United States. Is this an indication of the threat against today’s law enforcement?

    Article • January 28th, 2011

  • Quantifying Stress in Training

    Data regarding the use of gun sights during a gun battle, indicated that only 30% of the officers reported being able to see their front sights, and only 25% used them.

    Article • November 1st, 2010

  • Go With Your Gut

    Gut instincts actually originate as signals from the brain; they help us to make quick decisions.

    Article • October 4th, 2010

  • Cause and Effect

    Have an impact on your survival by understanding the law of cause and effect

    Article • August 19th, 2010

  • Police Self Defense

    The victim officer lost his job for nearly a year and is currently living off credit cards to feed his family while the union fights the charge in the last stage of this battle.

    Article • June 29th, 2010

  • Two Fla. Deputies Injured in Shootout, Suspect Killed

    A shootout in Polk County wounded two deputies and killed a suspect early Friday morning.

    Article • June 26th, 2010

  • Let's Call it Evil

    Good versus evil is an age old battle. You're the good guys; better prepare now.

    Article • June 17th, 2010

  • To Protect and Serve

    As a whole few officers will spend the time to protect and serve themselves. As a mirror to society many officers rely of technology, gear and medicine to protect us.

    Article • June 14th, 2010

  • Spyderco Gayle Bradley Folder

    If a custom knife maker of the highest order also competes in cutting competitions, then he or she is one of the rare birds that walks the walk as well as talks the talk.

    Article • June 11th, 2010

  • Texting Your Life Away

    From the classroom to the range to behind the wheel, texting while working increases the danger to you.

    Article • May 20th, 2010

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