Equipment Review

  • Galco KingTuk IWB Holster Review

    I would recommend this holster to anyone looking for a holster that offers deep concealment, good friction retention, and quick presentation.

    Article • January 6th, 2012

  • Is a Recoil Reducer Right For You?

    If it wasn’t for recoil we’d all be great shots, and no one would ever flinch (which is what causes most missed shots).

    Article • November 6th, 2011

  • Peace Officer Ministries, Inc.

    The unique thing about this particular minister was that he had previously served as a Homicide Investigator in the same jurisdiction where my friend had retired from.

    Article • October 7th, 2011

  • Magnum Spider 8.1 Tac Spec HPI Boots

    While that may be a mouthful of a name, I've come to think of them just as the Magnum Spider Tacs and have given them a decent field / wear test.

    Article • September 30th, 2011

  • Brite-Strike DLC Review

    If I can carry a tool that performs more than one function - that doesn't require on-going and increasing levels of training - then I believe we get greater value out of that tool.

    Article • September 23rd, 2011

  • 5.11 Tatical Covert 18 Pack

    My field testing of this pack took place on a recent week long trip. I carried my laptop, power cord, mouse, mouse pad, USB mouse receiver, sunglasses, ibuprofen, two pens, a pen light, a single-cell 3V light, two knives and... a Glock Model 17 4th Gen...

    Article • September 9th, 2011

  • Build Your Holster Platform

    Since the platform that the holster mounts on is wider than the holster itself and (typically) at least as tall as the holster is with the weapon included, you have some space onto which you can mount other items.

    Article • September 2nd, 2011

  • 5.11 Tactical TacDry Rain Shell

    Imagine my surprise when I got this 5.11 Tactical TacDry Rain Shell for wear testing and thought it was a well-designed wind-breaker only to discover it was a rain shell.

    Article • August 26th, 2011

  • Magnum Rapid Deployment Uniform

    I was pleased with this uniform fit and function and I quite often wear the pants when I'm not on duty.

    Article • August 19th, 2011

  • Armor Express Lighthawk XT Body Armor

    Let's take a look at everything that came in the Lighthawk XT package and then I'll discuss how I configured it for my needs followed by a report on the wear / field test.

    Article • August 12th, 2011

  • Brite Strike EPLI Light Review

    About the size of your average tactical pen, the EPLI offers two levels of light power and three different functions, and all on two AAA batteries.

    Article • August 5th, 2011

  • CKC S.W.A.T. Knife Review

    I'd prefer the cutting hook to be the automatic blade, but what is the percentage of military / law enforcement who would have this knife that are airborne?

    Article • July 29th, 2011

  • Training via DVD

    Through the use of video I’ve had the opportunity to train under some of the finest shooting, martial arts and police suspect control instructors in the country over the last 30 years.

    Article • July 28th, 2011

  • Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-Tool

    I was real happy with the spring-loaded pliers function and got pretty good at opening and closing the two knife blades one-handed.

    Article • July 22nd, 2011

  • Sticky Holsters- A Really New, Good Idea

    Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to easily slip a holstered gun of any size into your waistband without worrying about threading the holster through a belt, nor even clipping a holster to a belt?

    Article • July 15th, 2011

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