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ABnote’s End-to-End ID Management platform is secure, configurable, and scalable; and can manage the credential from enrollment to issuance via secure card and/or mobile device.

ABnote’s end-to-end vehicle registration solution combats vehicle theft and associated crimes by providing a complete solution that fits in seamlessly into law enforcement’s existing processes. Law enforcement personnel simply attach the Precise Biometrics Tactivo sleeve into their iPhone or Android phones, and they can read the card holder data from the smart card and verify that the card holder is the rightful owner of the vehicle.

The BioCap app allows you to capture photo, signature, fingerprint, and other user data which can be synced to an account at BioCap Portal. There the data can be downloaded from a regular computer. This architecture makes possible to populate any system with the data that has been captured from this mobile.

Good Vault provides strong two-factor authentication and S/MIME email signing and encryption to enhance security for Good for Enterprise - secures mail access, ensures message privacy and integrity, and enhances data protection. It leverages a hardware-based Secure Element on a smart card (CAC/PIV) or microSD to store user credentials and keys, without compromising the mobile form factor or user experience. For the smart card option, Good Vault utilizes Precise Biometrics Tactivo card readers for iPhones and iPads.

ActivID ActivClient software by HID Global guards against an ever-changing threat landscape by providing organizations with risk-appropriate and secure access to corporate IT assets. 

ActivClient allows organizations to move beyond simple passwords and deploy the best strong authentication solution for their environment. Choosing from a range of credential options, including smart cards and USB tokens, organizations can authenticate users to a wide variety of desktop, network, mobile, cloud and productivity applications. The strong authentication solution is also available for all major mobile platforms.

MyID Mail by Intercede is a fully featured Exchange email client that uses credentials on smart cards, or within the app itself, to sign and encrypt email communications on mobile devices. MyiD CardChecker allows employees to check the content of their PIV cards and verify that another person’s card has not been tampered with. The MyID solution makes use of technology that is already widespread (an iPhone or iPad) with added functionality from the CardChecker app and Tactivo.

The MyID Browser from Intercede has been designed to give users the same experience as a native browser with regards to ease of use and functionality while enabling the use of secure keys. and certificates for mutual SSL. This solution can be deployed on smartphones and tablets to verify the identity of the user to the organization and to help the user ensure that any sites accessed are genuine and safe by using mutual authentication.

Recognizing the mounting threat of mobile devices, Patriot Technologies developed a solution that addresses various components of mobile device security management: the security state of the mobile device, the applications and data resident on the device, the identity and privileges of the device user, the location of the device, and the networks to which the device connects. By integrating leading mobile security technology platforms, Patriot offers an holistic approach to mitigating mobile risk.

Secure PIM is an enterprise iOS secure-container app that consists of the modules Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Secure Browser and Documents.
All data inside the SecurePIM container is strongly encrypted using soft certificates or in the high security version with Smart Cards. Smart Cards are integrated into SecurePIM with the help of the Tactivo smart case from Precise Biometrics, which enables the app to execute de- and encryption commands directly on the Smart Card. The Smart Card is also required for authentication, therefore, without the Smart Card it is impossible to access the stored data on the mobile device! SecurePIM meets the requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Act by ensuring that personal and business data are stored and managed separately from one another.

Knappsack mobile application management software by SPARC is a simple, easy-to-use, mobile application management platform designed to make sharing apps with employees and customers painless.

Knappsack gives technology managers a secure way to deploy apps within their own organization, including uploading apps to secure groups, manageing all company apps, deploingy apps to any device, and controling app versions.

ORC Services by Wide Point allows users with a PIV or PIV-I card to connect to an enterprise network via single sign-on, thus eliminating the need for logging -in with a less secure and cumbersome to administer user name/password combination.

Users can also view details of their credential and certificate to confirm they are valid for use on the network and access secure intranets and other secure sites and information, such as external webites requiring digital certificates for access.

With Net iD Access, you make business-critical information and applications accessible on all types of client devices. Support for iOS and Android ensures that you maintain security even on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You secure your mobile applications, apps, with existing infrastructure and smart cards. Net iD Access works just as well with web applications as it does with mobile apps.

With SafeSign IC SDK it has never been so easy for iOS application developers to PKI-enable their apps, taking full advantage of cryptographic smartcards from all major vendors like G&D, Gemalto, NXP (JCOP), Morpho and Oberthur. By integrating the SafeSign IC SDK with the Tactivo , AET empowered iPhone and iPad users with digital signature, two-factor authentication and encryption of sensitive information.
Enterprise organizations can use the same company smartcard across both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring compliance with the security requirements of the most demanding business cases and governance certifications by authenticating their mobile users and securing their access to sensitive information.

The uSuite Apps by Unisys integrate securely with an on-premise Enterprise Content Management system and/or BPM system.
All Apps within the suite are created with a focus on user-experience, maintaining a high level of security. The Apps (uMeet, uWork, uProcess, uCapture) can work together or can be used standalone. The Apps have several configurable layers of security build-in for high security and mission critical environments, and includes integration with Tactivo to enable certificate (SmartCard) or fingerprint authentication and encryption of stored data.
Besides the uSuite Apps, Unisys provides all needed services and expertise within the mobile context, including strategy advisory and custom (secure) app development.

Salitor is an EMR independent app offering increased productivity and quality for medical staff when treating patients and documenting their care. The highest security levels can be offered when utilized with Tactivo using centrally issued SITHS cards that integrates with the security systems of the organization.

The front end is an iOS app that gives doctors access to relevant information at point of care, and also offers effective and structured documentation according to agreed clinical programs. When implemented as a front end system for any medical clinic, Salitor offers increased productivity and medical quality at the point of care combined with the highest security standards for authentication using the Tactivo solution.

Stretch has developed a product that allows people to use modern working tools such as smartphones and tablets that may be mission-critical and their proprietary information is made more accessible. This means a higher rate of utilization using existing IT systems and a higher quality of work performed.
There is a national standard for electronic identification within the Swedish Healthcare. It is a service identification provider for both physical and electronic identification, which is used for secure authentication to different IT systems.

Pkard in-app purchase*
The PKard Reader secure browser app supports military grade secure access to government or enterprise web sites with a user’s smart card ID and a licensed iPad/iPhone card reader accessory. Web email, portal and collaboration site access are supported, including Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Microsoft SharePoint, for example, U.S. Military AKO, NKO and AF Portal sites.The connection is fully encrypted and secure. Strong two-factor smart card authentication (chip card and PIN) is much safer than using usernames/passwords and is required for many secure sites.
* PKard Reader with Tactivo support is available through a $99 in-app purchase.

Citrix Receiver is an easy-to-install software client that lets you access your applications, desktops and data easily and securely from any device, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. Working with a Citrix-enabled IT infrastructure, it gives you the mobility, convenience and freedom you need to get your work done. Citrix Receiver provides your staff with anywhere, any-device productivity, self-service, and a stunning, high-definition user experience.
Citrix XenMobile is the revolutionary new way to mobilize your staff, offering security and compliance for IT while giving users mobile device, app and data freedom. Workers gain single-click access to all of their mobile, SaaS and Windows apps from a unified corporate app store, including seamlessly-integrated email, browser, data sharing and support apps. IT gains control over mobile devices with full configuration, security, provisioning and support capabilities. In addition, XenMobile securely delivers Worx Mobile Apps, mobile apps built for businesses using the Worx App SDK and found through the Worx App Gallery.

Sogeti, a mobile solutions provider, has developed a solution together with Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo that opens up the usage of mobile apps for sensitive information within the healthcare or financial sectors requiring a particularly strong authentication. The combination of Sogeti’s worldwide expertise and strong delivery enables and strengthens the use of mobile solutions worldwide.

The focus on mobile solutions and mobile apps in particular is one of the Sogeti Group’s focused areas in collaboration with sister company Capgemini. Together they have built a full-range portfolio for local, national and global clients, created dedicated app centers and a certification program (Appcademy) to quickly address the growing need of mobile solutions.

ADAM by OpenPeak is an advanced device and application management platform, providing a comprehensive mobile enterprise management suite as a white-label, cloud-hosted service. It enables a secure, trusted workspace with unprecedented security features, including multi-factor authentication. ADAM makes it easy to secure and manage enterprise data on mobile devices, while also meeting business users’ demands for simplicity and choice.

Utilizing MobileIron, IT can now establish a virtual perimeter to secure mobile delivery of business data and applications while preserving an excellent user experience, even on employee-owned smartphones and tablets. And with MobileIron, enterprises are able to leverage mobility as their primary IT platform to transform their businesses and increase competitiveness.

Touch Mobile by Mobile Epiphany combines the proven power of best-of-breed user interface with intuitive enterprise workflow. We can help you define your current business process and show you how it can be mobilized onto today’s most advanced smart phones and tablets.

We’ll go over the steps in your procedures; we will review how our technology maps to those steps, and how your workforce will gain layers of efficiency. Your process, and all your employee roles in that process will be fully documented as a cross-functional (swim lane) process diagram in such a way as all operational and IT people can review for thoroughness. Once the scope of your project is approved, we will mobilize your process for you faster than you ever imagined.

Channel Partners

As a top-ranked GSA Schedule Contract holder, Carahsoft serves as the master government aggregator for many of its best-of-breed vendors, supporting an extensive ecosystem of software manufacturers, resellers, and consulting partners committed to helping government agencies select and implement the best solution at the best possible value.

Tx Systems is the leading distributor of smart card and identity solutions from the industry’s top manufacturers including Identive (formerly SCM Microsystems / Hirsch Electronics) and HID (OMNIKEY / ActivIdentity).

Tx Systems also specializes in access control systems for commercial and government applications. Our professional services include consulting and custom software development for NFC Applications, Government ID Cards, and a variety of Enterprise Solutions. Tx Systems also provides a complete line of smart cards, related software, development tools, and NFC devices. 

Atea is the leading Nordic and Baltic supplier of IT infrastructure with approximately 6,500 employees.

Atea is present in 82 cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Atea delivers IT products from leading vendors and assist its customers with specialist competencies within IT infrastructure services with its approximately 3,700 consultants and 7,500 technology certifications.

Xentris Wireless is leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality, innovative wireless accessories. With more than 22 years of experience, Xentris Wireless continues to provide exceptional product, sales, logistics and marketing solutions to the ever-changing wireless industry with proven success and continued commitment.