M&P by Smith & Wesson Foam Plugs

M&P by Smith & Wesson Foam Plugs

M&P by Smith & Wesson Foam Plugs Product Image

M&P by Smith & Wesson Foam Plugs


  • Bell Shaped.
  • PVC Free.
  • Assembled In Mexico.
  • NRR 33dB

Part Numbers

Foam Plugs

MP80TC5 5 Pair Uncorded
MP81TC2 2 Pair Corded

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Smith & Wesson Personal Protective Equipment Line

Product From Radians Inc.

Radians, Inc. entered into a trademark licensing agreement with Smith & Wesson Corp.  The relationship “fits like a glove” since the use of firearms should be accompanied by Personal Protective Equipment that makes the work and sport experience safer and more comfortable for consumers, shooters and professionals.

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earHero Tactical Earpiece

Product From earHero

Designed by an audiologist, earHero's speakers are so tiny they will never block your ear canal. Each tactical earpiece simultaneously transfers alternate signals to your brain, giving you the ability to literally talk on a separate phone without removing 

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SoundGear Custom

Product From Starkey Hearing Technologies

SoundGear Custom is for the consumer who refuses to compromise when it comes to performance. The product is custom molded to fit the user’s ear, and features the most advanced electronic hearing protection and enhancement technology on the market.

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SoundGear Behind-the-Ear

Product From Starkey Hearing Technologies

SoundGear Behind-the-Ear is a great starter solution for the cost-conscious consumer, offering hearing protection and enhancement at a more affordable price.

  • Technical specifications:
    • NRR: 26 dB | Gain: 20 dB | Output: 95 dB
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SoundGear In-the-Canal

Product From Starkey Hearing Technologies

SoundGear In-the-Canal is ready to wear right out of the box. It rests discreetly inside the user’s ear to deliver superior sound quality and natural wind reduction. It’s the smallest and lightest dynamic digital hearing protection on the market, and is packaged as a set to optimize environmental scanning from all angles. It offers switchless operation and comes optimized to work in any setting.

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SoundGear Hearing Protection

Product From Starkey Hearing Technologies

When preparing for the next hunt, whether the target is duck or deer, hunters must remember that investing in quality hearing protection is just as important as investing in quality hunting gear.

Permanent hearing loss can occur almost instantly from unprotected exposure to sounds generated by firearms. But with SoundGear™ from Starkey Hearing Technologies, hunters and shooters can focus on their sports instead of worrying about their hearing.

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Gunsonics! Hearing Protection App

Product From Essency


  • - Listen, talk, and shoot with GunSonics!
  • - Unique hearing protection app delivers safe communication for gun users 
  • - Sets new safety standards for electronic hearing protection 

British Mobile App developer

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Product From Silynx Communications Inc.

Smart Tactical Headset System

The Silynx CLARUS is the world's smalles and lightest headset system.  The CLARUS simplifies the user's operation and accessibility to the PTT switches on the miniaturized control unit.

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Electronic Earplugs with Blast Protection (EB15-LE)

Product From Etymotic Research Inc.

Police departments across the country are getting their first looks at, and listens to, one of the greatest tactical breakthroughs since Kevlar: Etymotic Research EB15•LE electronic earplugs. Originally developed to protect soldiers from deafening blasts and noise in the field - while also providing the advantage of amplified hearing in quiet situations - EB15•LE electronic earplugs from Etymotic Research are now available for police andfire departments.

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TKLTactical Watertite Case (Model WTU1010)

Product From TKL Tactical


·         TKL Tough injection molded ABS outer shell

·         TKL  Watertite Cases will withstand a 7 foot drop to concrete in warm weather or the frigid cold

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