Forensic UltraDock v5

Forensic UltraDock v5

Forensic UltraDock v5 Product Image

CRU-DataPort’s new WiebeTech Forensic UltraDock v5 is the industry’s premium and most versatile drive imager with forensic access to bare drives. WiebeTech's proprietary write-block technology secures the chain of evidence with read-only access to suspect 3.5-inch IDE and 2.5-/3.5-inch SATA hard drives. Investigators can easily download and image contents of a suspect drive without the risk of data being written back to the drive and it is fully compatible with forensic acquisition and analysis software.

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Zipr-Weld Evidence Tape

Product From Lynn Peavey Co.

Zipr-Weld Evidence Imprint Rolls have "zippered" edges combined with the "welding" properties of the adhesive that make removal of the seal virtually impossible and visibly showing signs of un-authorized entry. Minimum of 9 rolls for custom orders and in increments of 3 thereafter. Dimensions: 1.38" X 108' NEW! Our white stripe tape features a special security code that identifies when the tape was produced.

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Eyewitness Data Vault Evidence Management Database Solution

Product From Kustom Signals Inc.

Kustom Signals, Inc. has launched its latest digital evidence management database solution: Eyewitness Data Vault. Influenced by nearly 25 years supplying leading in-car video solutions to law enforcement, the Eyewitness Data Vault offers unmatched configurability and can satisfy and support the needs of any agency. Eyewitness Data Vault can be used from a single workstation with several users to a large scale Enterprise class solution with thousands of users and multiple ingestion sites.

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Select-A-Shield USB Forensic Pouch


Select Fabricators, Inc. is enhancing their innovative USB Forensic Pouch making it one of the highest performing “Faraday bag” on the market.  PAMS tested at 900 MHz; the new pouch delivers over -80dB of RF/EMI isolation.  Ideal for digital forensic evidence collection, this window touch pouch allows for hands-on manipulation of wireless devices in a secure RF tight environment.  With the filtered USB connection, there is no need to take the captured device back to the lab to extract stored data. 

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OPTI-LUX 365 UV-A LED Inspection Flashlight

Product From Spectronics Corp.

Spectronics Corporation has introduced the OPTI-LUX 365 UV-A LED inspection flashlight for crime-scene investigation. It is ideal for gathering potential evidence for forensic analysis.

With a lightweight and compact body, the OPTI-LUX 365 greatly reduces user fatigue. It gets into tight, cramped places that larger lamps can’t. The flashlight has a coverage area of up to 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) in diameter at a distance of 15 inches (38.1 cm). This versatile unit produces an extremely uniform beam profile for both sample viewing and photography.

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Local Entry Accessible DNA (LEAD) Database


Sorenson Forensics launched its new LEAD (Local Entry Accessible DNA) Database, a secure, cloud-based service designed for local law enforcement agencies to simplify the archival, search and reference of DNA profiles from crime scene samples. The LEAD Database was unveiled during the 2012 International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in San Diego, Calif.

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GlobalFiler and GlobalFiler Express DNA Kits

Product From Life Technologies Corp.

Life Technologies Corporation launched GlobalFiler and GlobalFiler Express, two new DNA kits that will revolutionize how crime labs perform forensic testing around the world -- making it faster, easier and cheaper to process DNA samples. By increasing the number of genetic markers by over 30 percent to 24 percent, GlobalFiler delivers the ability to recover significantly more information from forensic samples and increases discrimination power by up to 9 orders of magnitude. This results in faster and more powerful comparisons of forensic data to resolve crimes. Combined with five times faster processing efficiency, this powerful advancement will enable forensic scientists to solve and prevent more crime while addressing ever-growing backlogs. To date, 44 countries have now implemented criminal offender DNA database programs with a combined offender sample pool of 40 million and growing.

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Environment for Virtualised Evidence (EVE)

Product From Wynyard

Wynyard Group has entered into a landmark agreement to commercialise New Zealand Police developed digital forensics technology for the global law enforcement and intelligence market.

Developed in 2007, New Zealand Police technology called EVE (Environment for Virtualised Evidence) allows enforcement officers to rapidly analyse seized electronic goods such as mobile phones, PCs and other storage devices for evidence and intelligence. It does this by creating a virtual copy of the device and presenting the data to officers to view and search whilst still preserving all of the data in its original form.

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VantagePoint App

Product From Marland MicroSolutions Inc.

VantagePoint enables mobile capture and cataloguing of visual evidence from crime scenes on any mobile device.  Designed for law enforcement agencies, VantagePoint immediately secures images with a digital hash, ensuring accurate reporting and a secure chain of evidence that is admissible in court.  It is an easy-access tool that serves as an alternative to high-cost cameras, while maintaining image quality and FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) standards.

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NARK Presumptive Reagent Kits (a-PVP (Bath Salts) and Psilocybin/Psilocin Mushrooms)

Product From Sirchie

Sirchie is committed to developing and delivering tools to aid in the battle against the waves of illicit drugs seen on the streets today. All Sirchie presumptive drug reagent kits go through independent verification by a third party state laboratory. Most tests are available in pouch or tube format. Due to the complex nature of the test chemistry, a-PVP is available in pouch format only.

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Mobile Phone Examiner Plus 5.0

Product From Accessdata Group LLC

AccessData's Mobile Phone Examiner Plus 5.0 (MPE+) introduces advanced analysis capabilities and is designed to also facilitate mobile device discovery for litigation support personnel addressing e-discovery obligations.

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