REVERSE 911 emergency notification system

REVERSE 911 emergency notification system

REVERSE 911 emergency notification system Product Image

Completely scalable and nationally acclaimed appliction from Cassidian Communications, an EADS North America company, the REVERSE 911 emergency notification system is ideal for use in small towns and villages, as well as large municipalities, school campuses, federal agencies and military bases. The application features a remotely accessible, yet highly secure browser-based interface, allowing operations seeking a regionalized approach to emergency notification to share its resources. It is also a very effective community outreach tool, automatically dispersing important, but not necessarily critical, information, such as public service disruptions, throughout your particular area. The REVERSE 911 emergency notification system offers many optional modules that can be combined in a variety of ways to expand your critical and routine notification capabilities.

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Warning, Alert and Response Network (WARN)


TeleCommunication Systems Inc. (TCS) and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) have connected its Warning, Alert and Response Network (WARN) to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)'s alert aggregator using a customized implementation of

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COPsync911 Emergency Alert Service

Product From COPSYNC INC.

COPsync, Inc., which operates the nation's largest law enforcement real-time, in-vehicle information sharing, communication and data interoperability network, today announced the release of the COPsync911 emergency alert service. The service enables school personnel to instantaneously and silently send emergency alerts directly to local law enforcement officers in their patrol units and local agencies with the mere push of a button. The COPsync911 service is expected to reduce school emergency response times by 5 to 7 minutes, since the communication directly to the patrol car is instantaneous. The alert is also sent to the cell phones of teachers and administrators at the school, alerting of imminent danger.

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INTEROP-7000 Suite

Product From RAYTHEON

Raytheon Company demonstrated the integration of commercial smartphones and tablets with the INTEROP-7000 Suite at APCO International 2013. Developed using open standards, INTEROP-7000 enables police, fire and rescue professionals to use commercial smartphones and tablets integrated with existing communications equipment, such as land mobile radios.

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Google Public Alerts

Product From NIXLE

To help keep the public safe and informed during community-wide emergencies, local police and fire alerts from Nixle are now integrated into Google's Public Alerts platform, a service that delivers relevant emergency information across Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Now. This partnership will provide the public with accurate safety information when and where it matters most, helping to increase communications between local authorities and their residents.

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ONESolution Freedom App

Product From SunGard Public Sector

Freedom delivers the power of ONESolution Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS) into the palm of your hand. A mobile app for public safety, SunGard Public Sector's Freedom extends core CAD and RMS functionality to authorized employees' smartphones and tablets. Part of the ONESolution Public Safety & Justice software suite, Freedom is available on Apple's iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android, for devices with a 3G signal or better.

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Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) for IP|Console Solution


Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc. announced its Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) for its IP|Console solution. CSSI is one of the eight primary Project 25 (P25) interfaces specified in the TIA-102 suite of standards and supports trunking.  The Catalyst CSSI Gateway may be added to both new and existing IP|Console systems for voice dispatch to public safety and other critical communications agencies.  With its flexible, graphical user interface, Catalyst can provide Police, Fire, EMS, utilities and others custom dispatch screens and capabilities to better meet the unique needs and budgets of each agency.

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IntelliLink IP-based Interoperability Solution


The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) deployed IntelliLink, its IP-based Interoperability solution from Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc., for the Republican National Convention.  IntelliLink is part of FHP’s Mobile Command Center, a customized bus that incorporates the latest technology for critical communications.  The Catalyst solution was used to increase the capacity of public safety wireless communications in the Convention area, thereby boosting efficiency and providing a margin of safety in the event of a crisis.  IntelliLink performed flawlessly as it routed push-to-talk voice traffic for State of Florida personnel from a transportable repeater site brought in for the convention back to the statewide radio system.  By using the transportable repeater site, local channels were available for other talk groups and additional capacity was available.  The Catalyst solution routes voice using Internet Protocol (IP) and FHP has configured the Mobile Command Center to use any of four different transports for routing the IP traffic to ensure that the messages get through.

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TKL Trackr GPS Satellite Tracking System for Weapons and Accessories

Product From TKL Tactical

TKL Tactical introduces the TKL Trackr  the only GPS Satellite tracking system for your weapons and accessories.

·         Keep Trackr of your Weapons! The TKL Trackr GPS Satellite locating system with our Pro-Form M4 case to offers the most advanced protection and locating of any weapon or equipment with a system that is on call 24/7.

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VIDTAC Twin Lens, Software Controlled 1080p HD Camera System

Product From Brandon-COPsync, LLC

The VIDTAC in-car camera video system was introduced at the 2012 IACP Conference and Trade show -winning the “Best in Show” Award by Police Magazine.

VIDTAC is a 21st century, revolutionary camera system for policing. It offers the first of its kind all-digital system, eliminating old cumbersome DVR components and hardware. Additionally, VIDTAC utilizes a twin lens camera system: 1080p high definition camera (competitors are only utilizing an inferior 720p quality!) and 5 megapixel still camera.  VIDTAC comes standard with backseat camera and GPS functionality to mark evidence and specific coordinates, as well as automatic recording triggers (lights, siren, speed).  VIDTAC will record 30 seconds prior to the event and 30 seconds post-event.  VIDTAC is compatible with all 21

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Communications On-The-Move (C-OTM) Unit for Radio and Telephone Interoperability

Product From Exelis

With Exelis C4i’s recently enhanced “Communications On-The-Move” (C-OTM) unit, total radio and telephone interoperability anywhere, at anytime is no longer a concept of the past. Whether you’re at the office, on the road, or in the field, the C-OTM delivers instant cross-communication capabilities that are customizable, fitting a wide variety of end-user needs.

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