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Stalker Engineers started from scratch when they designed the optics and electronics for the new Stalker LIDAR LR. The result is faster target acquisition, greater range, and rock-solid target tracking.

Most obvious, the LIDAR LR features a forward-swept battery handle for improved ergonomics, tight battery handle fit, and better targeting. The LR also meets both U.S. and European eye safety standards. 

Stalker built the new optics system around much larger objective lenses which enable better target illumination and improved return signal reception for greater targeting distance.

The LIDAR LR's three internal circuit boards were replaced by a single circuit board using surface mount technology and the most current components. The result is a 284 to 1 increase in processing power yielding an 8 to 1 increase in time and distance accuracy.

The LIDAR LR optics allow a typical 4000-foot target acquisition distance while newly refined internal software algorithms provide smoother tracking, fewer dropouts, and a greatly reduced sweep affect, according to Jim Shaw, Stalker Radar (Applied Concepts) Marketing Director.

Most LIDAR units cannot track a target if there are close, stationary objects in line with the target, however the LIDAR LR allows the operator to follow the target, ignoring small objects like telephone or utility poles or sign posts without losing target tracking.

Other features of the new lidar technology include:

  • SMT (Service Mount Technology) for all major components
  • A new faster CPU, resulting in improved target acquisition and tracking and greater targeting distance.
  • New Time Distance Converter (TDC) for improved time/distance measurements
  • Standardized receiver board built to accommodate any future enhancements

The LIDAR LR is for officers who want the latest technology, longer targeting range, and less hand and arm stress with the ergonomic design.


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REDFLEXred Radar Red Light and Speed Enforcement System

Product From Redflex Traffic Systems Inc.

REDFLEXred radar, the latest red light and speed enforcement system from Redflex not only utilises non-intrusive mapping radar technology, it is also the first enforcement system to feature true secondary speed verification capability.

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LaserCam 4

Product From Kustom Signals Inc.

Kustom Signals, Inc. proudly launched the LaserCam 4. LaserCam 4 is the fourth generation hand-held video LIDAR from Kustom Signals. Powered by the ProLaser 4 for superior performance, LaserCam 4 offers greater range to target, faster acquisition time, and image resolution of plates at longer distances providing a comprehensive video record of Speed Enforcement and target tracking history. 

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Titan TC-400 Portable Radar Speed Sign

Product From Radarsign


The Titan TC-400 is a battery powered radar speed sign offering the ultimate in portable traffic calming. Using a new modular design, and built with the legendary quality standards that Radarsign is known for, the Titan TC-400 is lightweight, easy to install, extremely durable and affordably priced.

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DragonCam Photo Laser Speed Enforcement

Product From DragonEye Technology, LLC

The DragonCam system is a full featured, laser based digital imaging enforcement system capable of capturing high resolution images and videos of vehicles violating preset speed limits. The unit consists of DragonEye's IACP certified LIDAR integrated with a high performance camera system and rugged tablet computer. With custom designed high magnification optics, the DragonCam LIDAR can capture identifiable license plates at distances up to 450 ft on typical U.S. style plates and up to 300 meters on European style plates sufficient for expressway enforcement from the safety of overpasses and on-ramps. The compact system allows for handheld, tripod, or in in-vehicle use. Violation images and data are encrypted into a single secure file at the moment of capture.

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DragonEye LidarCam

Product From DragonEye Technology, LLC

The DragonEye LidarCam System combines our IACP certified LIDAR with a high performance digital Canon camera to capture high resolution images of vehicles exceeding a threshold speed entered in the Lidar’s menu. The captured image shows an exact copy of the Head Up Display targeting reticle and vehicle speed as viewed by the operator. With an added date/time stamp and video recording capability, the LidarCam provides a simple and affordable photo laser system, great for providing extra court documentation, training or near range automated enforcement. 

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DragonEye Compact Speed Lidar

Product From DragonEye Technology, LLC

Achieving the optimum balance of features, performance, package size and low cost, the new DragonEye COMPACT Speed Lidar provides pinpoint, laser accurate speeds on vehicles up to 3000 ft (914 m) away. With its unique vertical grip, cushioned brow-pad eyepiece and standard 1:1 Head-Up display sight, the COMPACT provides hours of comfortable speed enforcement without eye or arm strain using just two standard AA batteries.

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DragonEye Speed Lidar

Product From DragonEye Technology, LLC

Designed to be the new leader in law enforcement speed measurement, the DragonEye Speed Lidar provides superior target acquisition and range performance in a compact, lightweight package. With 4-point rubber cushioning and robust, waterproof mechanical design, the DragonEye Lidar stays on target when other units are headed for the shop. Incorporating advanced features such as Obstruction Mode and ECCM anti-jamming, the DragonEye Lidar gives you the latest in speed enforcement technology.

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X-Series LIDAR Traffic Speed Enforcement Laser

Product From Applied Concepts / Stalker Radar

Stalker Radar's new X-Series LIDARs are one of the smallest and lightest LIDARs in the industry. 

The Stalker LIDAR XLS and XS are small and light hand-held, gun type lasers, substantial reductions in size and weight through development of circuit miniaturization technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques.

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LTI 20/20 UltraLyte 100LR with DBC

Product From Laser Technology Inc.

Crack down on speeding and tailgating with the umatched durability of the UltraLyte.  The distance between cars (DBC) feature allows you to identify dangerous tailgating behaviors with certainty.

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SafePace Radar Display (700 and 800) and LT Cruiser

Product From Traffic Logix

Traffic Logix launched two new radar speed signs, the SafePace 700 and SafePace 800 signs, as well as a new updated trailer, the SafePace LT Cruiser to display them on. 

The SafePace 700 radar speed display sign allows you to display two lines of customizable text, graphics, or animation with extra large 18-inch digits displaying vehicle speeds. The larger digits on the variable message sign are sized for higher speed applications, offering improved visibility over the standard SafePace 15-inch” digits. They comply with MUTCD guidelines, which require that sign digits must be a minimum of 12 inches high.

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