F.A.S.Tech Mag. Pouches

F.A.S.Tech Mag. Pouches

F.A.S.Tech Mag. Pouches Product Image

TACTICAL DESIGN LABS' F.A.S.Technology (Fast And Secure) relies on Human Factors Science as its design platform. These magazine pouches provide the speed of an open-top pouch and more security than flap designs. Rather than distract, delay, frustrate and ultimately endanger users in the course of their duties, the designs are meant to compliment the users needs. Lowe's F.A.S.Tech Equipment provides the necessary features conducive and critical to natural reactions in high-stress situations often encountered by officers and our military. Watch for additional F.A.S.Tech accessories offered in both injection-molded and sewn materials.

General Information: This Magazine Pouch is part of the F.A.S.Tech Pouch System for accessories commonly carried by L.E. & Military personel. The system was designed to provide sufficient security to prevent an item from becoming dislodged or falling out, and yet provide the user with un-obstructed and immediate access without the common obstructions of flaps, snaps & straps. The Pouch System is designed to be worn on a belt to securely hold spare magazines. The pouch allows the user to grip the accessory in an unobstucted manner provides quicker access as well as immediate re-securing. It uses a patent pending Lock Tab design that captures the top of the magazine and prevents it from coming out until the user engages the release.
Innovation Description: Our product provides the perfect balance between 'fast access' and 'security', while eliminating the need for straps that act as a barrier to access and transitional needs. No other pouch design allows the unobstructed access or the degree of security as the F.A.S.Tech design.


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Tri-Carry (TC) Series Tool Pouches


Multi-purpose tool pouch designed for your every day micro-organizational needs. 

  1. Wear with belt loop
  2. Add a #9051: 1.5" shoulder strap to paracord loops (optional accessory)
  3. Attach to PALS using #9903: 3" TacTie attachment strap
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D-Bag Small Zipper Pouch


Maxpedition's D-Bag adds a small zipper pouch for essentials and a large D-ring for suspending clips / 'biners to any PALS surfaces.

  • Overall: 4"(L) x 0.5"(W) x 6"(H)
  • Main: 3"(L) x 0.5"(W) x 4"(H)
  • 2" D Ring
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Active Shooter Response Bag


Maxpedition proudly introduced the new Active Shooter Response bag with a fully modular front panel and with frontal 30-round M4/M16 mag pouches.

PT1074 Mag Bag PALS

  • Large PALS field, with 4 rows / 7 channels, attach any pouches or mag holder
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Multicam Tactical Gear

Product From Tacprogear LLC

Tacprogear announced their new line of Multicam tactical gear. The Multicam camouflage pattern allows warfighters to hide in a variety of environments, weather and light/dark scenarios. The Multicam’s pattern reflects the environment’s surrounding colors, whether it is under a canopy of trees or in the desert.

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Miles-Hi (Style #M32) Compact Gear Bag

Product From DeSantis Gunhide

The Miles-Hi, Style #M32, is a compact gear bag. It was designed for a special law enforcement agency as an accessories bag for overseas trips. It is built from 1050D ballistic nylon, is well padded, uses lockable YKK zippers, and can carry a multitude of personal gear. Four of these pouches will fit perfectly in the standard flight box, and they are made entirely in the U.S.A.

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Maxpedition - Versipacks (Fatboy, Jumbo, Colossus) and Gearslingers (Sitka, Kodiak, Monsoon)


OfficerStore.com is now equipped with hard-use popular packs from Maxpedition; the builder of premium-grade military equipment with honed designs and years of manufacturing experience. By incorporating real life feedback from serious users including OfficerStore.com customers, Maxpedition has become the brand of choice for those who expect the best - you.

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Integrated Dump Pouch


Rolls into a compact package that is quickly and intuitively opened for use.

Elastic crease opening at top allows mags and other like items to be quickly deposited in the pouch, without allowing the items to fall out without intentional removal.

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UMC (Universal Mag Carrier)


(Formerly the "Mortifer")

The world's first auto-adjusting /auto-tensioning 5.56-7.62 mag pouch is here.  No rubber bands or shock-cords to break, have to adjust, or jam up when they are stacked in tandem.  Simply stick your AR, AK, M-14/M1A FAL or G3 mags (or any other items of similar thickness) in the pouches, and they stay there until you intentionally remove them.  Retention level can be adjusted, however, per personal preference.

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Laser Holster


This sturdy holster from Responder Gear protects a first responder's laser. It fits most sizes and is made with 1000 Denier material.

The design includes fully adjustable head-rest mounting strap.

  • Features a pocket for extra batteries.
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212 Tactical Belt Clip System

Product From ZAK TOOL

Features of the Zak Tool Tactical Belt Clip System:

  • Compatible with most drop leg holsters & thigh rigs
  • Metal construction replaces plastic hardware
  • One hadn operation provides quick attach & release
  • Mates with ZT55 tactical keyring holder
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