Titan M7 Mobile Office

Titan M7 Mobile Office

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Titan M7 delivers the most intelligent mobile office for law enforcement, offering any combination of mobile computing, digital video, and ALPR, all in one seamless platform.

Titan M7 uses COBAN's proven, time-honored user interface.

Solution 1: Mobile Computing. COBAN's experience in the public sector results in a robust, flexible, component-based solution. Separating the CPU, monitor, and keyboard yields a monitor-keyboard combination that fits compactly in a patrol unit and can be mounted safely outside the airbag zone.

Solution 2: In-Car Digital Video. With a decade of experience, COBAN is the go-to company for in-car video solutions for law enforcement. With support for up to 6 cameras, configure it in practically any way you want--COBAN can meet your policies and procedures. You've got control.

Solution 3: Automatic License Plate Recognition. ALPR plays a vital role in recovering stolen cars, stopping crimes, searching for missing or wanted persons, generating revenue from scofflaws, collecting intelligence and analyzing behavior patterns. 

The Details

The Titan M7 Mobile Computing Solution

Unprecedented power. Awesome speed. Mobile computing for law enforcement meets the future. The Intel Core i7 based system simultaneously records video/audio, runs CAD/RMS, ALPR, and everything else you need for your mobile office.

Stay connected. Titan M7 unlocks barriers with an array of possibilities: Bluetooth, Broadband (3G/4G), WAN, WiFi, and more (see the specifications). GPS is optional.

Extreme design delivers a computer so tough, it passes military specs (MIL Spec 810 G, the highest standard for mobile equipment in our industry). The entire system withstands harsh temperatures and the CPU houses an automotive-grade hard drive to withstand every bump, pothole, and curve thrown at it. Even the keyboard is safe from everyday splashes and spills.

The COBAN Smart Power Module's sophisticated logic and built-in, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) regulate vehicle voltage, protecting the vehicle battery and the system's own power supply.

We're the brightest. Our 12.1-inch 1600-nit LED touchscreen monitor shows every detail from every angle, even in the brightest sunlight. Keyboard backlighting eases data entry in darkness.

Full 3-year hardware warranty.

The Titan M7 Digital Video Solution

All videos are recorded at 30 frames per second in H.264 Main Profile format (the most advanced industry standard) at full D1 resolution.

There's no tradeoff between video quality and storage capacity. With up to a 100 GB internal buffer area, Titan M7 can record for days without reporting back to the station.

Video uploads intelligently, wirelessly, automatically. Without intervention. If interrupted, transfer resumes at the breaking point-not a single byte of data needs to be retransferred. Also enabled for wired and removable media uploads.

A system that updates itself. COBAN, first to provide a self-updating system, goes one step further by introducing third-party software self-updates (CAD, ticketing, reporting, map apps).

Titan M7 comes video-streaming enabled-no additional hardware required. (Requires 3G/4G connection and proper bandwidth.)

The highest availability of video evidence out there: dual stream, fail-safe recording. Video is captured twice onto two independent media. We've got your back.

Travel back in time with COBAN's Instant Replay. This patent-pending feature constantly records in background to provide unlimited pre-events. Easily locate an earlier point; make a new video clip. The large internal fail-safe drive can take you back to a point earlier in a shift or several days ago.

The Titan M7 ALPR Solution

Hands down, the most cost-effective ALPR on the market today. Supports up to 4 cameras.

Titan M7 runs ALPR continuously and automatically while running CAD/RMS and recording video.

Leverages state and federal hotlists (lists of wanted persons, missing persons, stolen cars, etc.), increasing the likelihood of a realtime catch.

Generate your own customized hotlist from your existing data source (such as a list of local warrants) any way you want. COBAN's system can easily combine your hotlists with those from the NCIC or states.

The efficient backend system gathers, analyzes, and acts on information about cars/people of interest.

COBAN will assist cooperating agencies in developing a regional shared ALPR server for data mining that crosses jurisdictions.

Live data exchange. Support for realtime, in-the-field hotlist updates from the server and uploads scanned plates to the server at predefined intervals or when there is a hit.

The chalking application remembers vehicle location and alerts you when a vehicle's time limit has passed. The parking permit application alerts you to vehicles that are improperly parked in permit-specific areas.

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In-Vehicle Camera and Black Box - ZFT801

Product From Shenzhen ZhongFeiTong Technology Co., Ltd.


  • 3.0" Touch Screen.
  • 140 Degree Wide Angle.
  • H.264 Format.
  • Night Vision.G-sensor.
  • 12V-24Vide voltage range
  • Glass lens with big aperture to get good photograph effects at night.
  • Wide angle lens to get wide view of the front of vehicle.
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Autoscope Pn-120 Mobile LPR Camera

Product From Image Sensing Systems

Released in partnership with MAV Systems Ltd, the Autoscope Pn-120 uses high-grade zoom camera technology as part of an even more comprehensive range of LPR solutions for Image Sensing Systems' customers.

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Cloud-Based License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Product From Platesmart

PlateSmart announced its new cloud-based LPR technology that is hardware and camera vendor neutral. This announcement marks an industry first—the introduction of LPR in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model providing greater access and scalability than is currently available.

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Verus In-Car HD Digital Video

Product From Data911

Data911's new Verus HD Digital Video System is a complete mobile video management solution specifically designed for Public Safety and Law Enforcement agencies. Verus brings you the very latest in-car video technology and is unique in that it utilizes open standards HD/IP cameras and can flexibly support a wide variety of configurations and special uses. Features include support for 6 POE/IP HD cameras, 4 independent audio channels including dual 900Mhz wireless microphones, touch screen control interface software, body worn camera integration, LPR ready, and h.264 video encoding. Verus also supports wireless video file transfer, pre-event recording, system and event triggers, the ability to push software configuration changes and updates to the vehicle from the station, and much more. Data911 provides customer technical support and warranty service through our highly trained staff of qualified technology experts in Alameda, California. 

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Durabook R8300


GammaTech Computer Corp. added the DURABOOK R8300, certified to stringent MIL-STD-810G and IP65 specifications, meaning it can withstand the abusive nature of extremely harsh environments, such as those regularly encountered by the military, public safety, and utility sectors.

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3M High Resolution ALPR Camera (P382)

Product From 3M Traffic Safety and Security Division

The 3M High Resolution ALPR Camera can provide up to 9.3 feet of horizontal traffic lane coverage while capturing multiple license plates in the same field of view. This fully integrated ALPR unit is designed to be “point and go,” and can be configured in minutes. Quality lenses used in the P382 provide customers with the sharpest IR image quality available within the 3M fixed camera family. No moving parts in a water-tight, rugged, plastic housing provide added durability in a variety of operating conditions.

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3M Mobile ALPR Camera (P634)

Product From 3M Traffic Safety and Security Division


The 3M Mobile ALPR Camera is a dual camera that incorporates infrared illumination for effective license plate imaging and a color camera to provide a vehicle overview image. Using a multi-exposure technique, commonly referred to as “Triple-flash” technology, this covert camera can effectively suppress ambient light such as headlights and bright sunlight. This helps to reduce the image quality differences caused by plate-to-plate quality variations.

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3M Fixed Wide Lane ALPR Camera (P492)

Product From 3M Traffic Safety and Security Division

Our newest member of the 3M fixed ALPR camera family, the 3M Fixed Wide Lane ALPR Camera sets itself apart with its unique performance capabilities. This fully-integrated ALPR unit captures multiple license plates in the same field of view across 13.6 feet of US freeway traffic lanes. It is designed to utilize smaller, high power LEDs and provides the best color overview image resolution offered by 3M ALPR cameras.

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3M Fixed ALPR Camera (P392+)

Product From 3M Traffic Safety and Security Division


Featuring high memory storage and fast processing speeds, the 3Mi s a fully-integrated ALPR unit incorporating camera(s), illuminator, and image processin within a single water tight, sealed enclosure. This ALPR camera provides customers with 5 feet of horizontal traffic lane coverage and it’s smaller size (as compared to the rest of 3M’s Fixed camera family) makes it the perfect solution for single lane coverage in dense locations such as busy intersections.

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Extreme G3 Vision In-Car Video System

Product From Kustom Signals Inc.

Kustom Signals announced today the release of the Extreme option for their popular G3 Vision in-car video system that allows it to operate in the harshest of climates and conditions. Now available with a high security, temperature controlled vault for the DVR and recording media, the G3 Vision with the Extreme Vault option is capable of operating in temperatures between -67°F to +185°F (-55°C to +85°C) – the cold weather operation is nearly 40°F lower than leading competitors. The lockable, stainless steel vault offers unmatched protection from crashes, fire and tampering. It was developed for a national police agency, who experience among the harshest conditions in the world. The vault complies with MIL-STD 810G for humidity, drop, vibration, dust resistance and water resistance and exceeds the standard for temperature. No other in-car video system offers this level of physical protection for agencies’ recorded evidence.

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