RadShark Multi-Functional Radiation Monitor

The RadShark is a multifunction radiationmonitoring device with a two line LCD display. It isdesigned to provide an accurate cost-effective,monitoring device, with a wide range of functionality.

Modes of operation are displayed on the first line:

  1. Six second Estimation “EstCount”push Est button once
  2. Estimation mode with Alarm “Alm-Est”push Est button a second time
  3. Average Mode “Average”push Ave button once
  4. Average with Alarm “Alm-Ave”push Ave button a second time
  5. 24/7 Monitoring “Monitor” Goes into this modeautomatically after 15 minutes from mode 1 or 3

The radiation level is indicated on the second line.

It can be programmed to read in mR(Std. in USA), uG, or mSv

Six-Second estimated mode“EstCount”

Takes a reading every six seconds andcomputes what the radiation levelwould be at that continuous level.Sometimes, a radiation level mayappear to vary due to being veryclose to the detector. In this case,the average mode is more effective.

The “EstCount” mode allows the user to “Sniff” aroundfor a possible radiation source.

Alarm EstimatedMode “Alm-Est”

In this mode the user can carrythe unit in its holder (with abelt loop) and have itmonitor possible exposure inthe work place. This is veryimportant for medicalpersonal, X-Ray personal,baggage inspectors at checkpoints, Industrial X-Ray and anyone using radiologicaldevices.

Average Mode“Average”

Takes and displays a readingevery sixtyseconds. It will remain inthis mode continuously untilchanged.

Average AlarmMode “Alm-Ave”

Takes and displays areading every sixty secondsand alarms when the levelis over 2 mR/Hr. It willremain in this modecontinuously until changed.

24/7 Alarm Mode“Monitor”

Is a power conservingmode of operation forcontinuous monitoring. Ittakes two sixty-secondaverage readings and thengoes into a sleep mode forfifteen minutes.

This cycle is continuously repeated, alarming if the levelis over 2 mR/Hr.

To “Clear” any alarm mode simply change to different mode.

Note: The buttons must be depressed for at leastone second. This prevents an accidental mode change.

To put RadShark ina “Sleep” mode

Press both buttons at once.It will display “RadShark”with the battery voltage on thesecond line, prior togoing into the sleep mode. (thebattery voltage taken will remainon the display until anybutton is pushed going intoany mode)

After changing the batteries or a master clear occurs, itwill be in the "Sleep" mode and display "RadShark" untileither button is pressed.

A film badge will record your total exposure over a given periodof time, which is important. The RadShark unit isproactive in preventing exposure in the first place byalarming you when the level is over 2 mR/Hr.


  • Simple to use
  • Long battery life use 2 Energizer AA Ultimate LithiumBatteries, for best operation and warrantee coverage
  • Know instantly if you are being exposed to radiation over2 mR/Hr (six seconds)
  • LED above display flashes with each count,in all modes.
  • “EstCount” & “Average” modes have an audibleclick for each count.
  • Stereo headset jack, for use in high noise areas .
  • Once in an alarm mode it will “Beep” 1 Sec. Eachupdate period until reset.
  • “Monitor” mode gives 24/7 coverage whileconserving battery life.
  • Alarm set point can be custom ordered for a higherlevel.
  • Comes with carry case shown.
  • Batteries included
  • 1 Year Warranty