Canine Partition and K-9 Kennel

Canine Partition and K-9 Kennel

Canine Partition and K-9 Kennel Product Image
The Setina BodyGuard Canine partition (No. 9-K) is professionally designed to provide maximum strength and easy installation. The partition features self-lifting and self-locking expanded window sections for ventilation. The K-9 Kennel is made to protect the interior of the vehicle from scratches, claw marks, chewing, etc. Both the kennel and the partition are completely transferable to most American cars with only minor mounting bracket change.

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Ford F-150 Pickup K9 Kennel

Product From IFH Group

When the Rock Falls (IL) Police Department was looking for a new vehicle for its mobile K9 unit, it decided that something other than the usual kennel was needed to go with the new super crew cab pickup it had decided to use instead of an SUV.

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Ultimate K-9

Product From Setina Mfg. Co. Inc.

Not all K-9 Units are created equal. Some allow an officer's K-9 partner to ride behind them in the back seat, giving them quick and easy access when they need critical assistance. When parked alongside a busy highway however, it may not be such a great idea to allow the canine partner to jump right out into traffic. Other Units solve this problem by placing a kennel in the cargo area of the SUV, but sacrifice storage for safety. Two access points allow quick deployment when they need it the most, and an alternate exit to ensure the safety of the friend and companion. Only Setina offers all this from the K-9 Unit plus space to transport a single prisoner safely and securely.

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Owens Products K-9 Cage


The Owens Products K-9 Cage will not rust or rot like a steel frame or wooden dog boxes.
The cage includes:

  • A stainless steel water bowl;
  • Removable bottom tray for easy cleaning;
  • Premium spring-loaded carrying handles; and is
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CoolCop / CoolK9


On a hot day there's nothing more uncomfortable than having to wear a T-shirt soaked with sweat. Add a bulletproof vest over it and no amount of air conditioning coming from the patrol car vent is going to keep any officer cool and dry.

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Kustom Krates


Kustom Krates offers a high quality line of inserts, dog crates, and equipment box systems that allow officers to customize their K9 vehicle to fit their needs. These units are designed to safely carry the K9 and gear while allowing easy access to clean the vehicle and the dog area. Safely store an officer's guns, gear, and training aids in a secure gear box that uses a rotary style latch mechanism with key lock. Drawers come with dividers and are sprayed with bed liner to completely seat them up. Dog crate has a stainless water bucket mounted inside and lower slide out pan for easy cleaning.

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Patrol PV (Patrol Version) Tactical Pole Camera

Product From TacView Inc.

Introducing the new TacView Patrol PV (Patrol Version) Tactical pole camera.


  • weatherproof,
  • IR/Color,
  • Super-HAD,
  • super sensitive camera head with 400 lines of resolution,
  • 6.0 mm lens,
  • IR illuminator that turns on automatically at about 10.0 lux for night vision at 0.0 lux up to 30 feet
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Spyderco Delica4 Folding Knife

Product From Kahr Firearms Group

Kahr Firearms' Spyderco Delica4, a distinctive variation of one of Spyderco’s most popular folding knives available exclusively through Kahr. Created by self-defense authority Michael Janich, the Kahr

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L.E.O. - Next Generation Fighting Light System

Product From Tact-Out Industries

The ability to use light to your advantage in a fight, not just in the dark but even lit environments, has arrived. Tact-Out provides a whole new level of concealment at the speed of light. The dual purpose next generation fighting light system - the "L.E.O." - is one of the most complete fighting light system available. 

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K-9 Internal Temperature Monitoring

Product From Data Sciences Int'l

Law enforcement and military dogs (K9s) face unavoidable, life-threatening situations every day. While on the job, many experience heat related incidents such as heat stroke, often leading to death.  To prevent unnecessary K9 deaths, law enforcement units from Massachusetts, Arizona and Texas have invested in a wireless monitoring system that communicates the K9's internal body temperature to their human officer partners in real-time. 

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Vehicular Mobile Unit (VMU)

Product From RADWIN

RADWIN released its new Vehicular Mobile Unit (VMU), part of the FiberinMotion portfolio. VMU is especially designed for vehicle installations, enabling high-speed video, voice and data transmission for vehicles on the move.

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