Mobile Digital Video System 2

Mobile Digital Video System 2

Mobile Digital Video System 2 Product Image

The MDVS-2 from OEM Micro Solutions was specifically designed to optimize video data collection with minimum operator input. Most aspects of the video recording, storage, archiving and management can be configured to happen automatically; auto “ON”, auto Record, auto Mic enable, auto data fields, auto wireless download and automatic distribution.

Available in either a 2-camera or 4-camera configuration, the new MDVS-2 features up to VGA (4CIF) resolution on all channels, simultaneous video and audio recording of all channels at up to 30 fps, and up to 1,100 hours of recording on the MDVS-2 internal hard drive. Combine this with automatic startup, built-in GPS, eight independent alarm inputs (which can be configured to initiate recording on whichever cameras you choose), computer touchscreen user controls for manual record, zoom, playback, archiving and more, and automatic wireless video download. All packaged in a smaller 2 inches high by 7.1 inches wide by 10.7 inches long enclosure!

The new software suite includes the ability to add up to twenty datafields to each recorded incident. These fields can later be used as search criteriato find the exact video segment needed. The new Video Server Software(optional) provides authorized users with the ability to search and sort videofiles, copy files, burn files to CD or DVD, and even create a secure downloadmethod for distribution of the video files without having to use optical media.



  • 380,000 Pixel Super HAD CCD II Sensor
  • 530 TV Lines horizontal resolution
  • 120X Zoom (10X Optical, 12X Digital)
  • 0.025 lux Minimum Illumination
  • Auto/Manual Brightness and Focus on touch screen controlVERY HIGH PERFORMANCE VIDEO RECORDING
  • Dual TI Advance DSP at 600 MHz provides compression of upto four simultaneous video and audio inputs
  • VGA (4CIF) Resolution capability on all video channels
  • MPEG4 (H.264) Compression Encoding for maximum video and audio quality
  • Maximum Security for Evidence tracking
  • Up to 1,100 hours (over 45 days at 24 hrs/day) of on board videostorage with optional hard drive (275 hrs. std.)
  • System ID, Time Date and GPS Data in video image
  • Up to 8 Alarm Auto-Record inputs and display, each alarm can trigger 1 or 2 (optional up to 4) cameras



  • All camera parameters are User Set-up, password protected
  • All Cameras have Preview Inputs
  • All functions controlled via touchscreen buttons on computer screen
  • AUTO zoom function to capture license plate detail
  • IN, OUT and HOME zoom functions on all channels for zoom cameras
  • Surveillance RECORD Button, no audio
  • ADMIN console for configuration options
  • Image Brightness and Focus control on all channels
  • USER login required for security and file data
  • Up to 20 data fields can be entered as Metatags to be usedas search criteria for each video incident
  • Large MINimize button
  • REPLAY functions include file search, Play, Pause, Fastforward,Slow-motion, Pause, File Skip forward and backward
  • REPLAY slider-bar allows for manual playback control
  • REPLAY can be performed during RECORD
  • DAY/NIGHT screens for maximum readability in all light conditions



  • 2.4 GHz for maximum clarity and range
  • Two Wireless Mics can operate simultaneous in vehicle,separate channels
  • Up to 40 Mics can operate in-range without interference
  • 1,000 foot range line-of-sight; 8 hrs. active battery life
  • Wireless Mic automatically turns on when another alarm is active



  • Built-in GPS receiver provides position and speed, requiresexternal antenna, provided
  • Ethernet interface to computer
  • Operating Temp –10 degrees C (14 degrees F) to 60 degrees C (140 degrees F); StorageTemp –20 degrees C (-4 degrees F) to 70 degrees C (158 degrees F)
  • MDVS-2 is a virtual standalone device, requiring minimalcomputer resources for control functions only
  • Built-in Power Control Module monitors vehicle voltage andshuts down MDVS-2 when voltage drops below presetthreshold
  • Auto Power-On with Ignition, optional Remote Switch Panelwith manual “ON” switch and “Manual Record”
  • Double shock-mounted 250 Gb hard drive (275 hours); optional500 Gb (550 hours), 750 Gb (825 hours), and 1,000 Gb (1100 hours)
  • Automatic ARCHIVE via 802.11a, b, g, n if computer is equipped;other archiving methods include USB device, Ethernet
  • Eight external alarms to initiate auto-record, including LightBar, Crash Sensor, Manual Record, Wireless Mic, and others
  • Alarm condition indicated in ID text line on video
  • Mounts in glove box, trunk, cage wall, etc.
  • Rugged, powder-coated metal enclosure, 2 inches high by 7.1 inches wide by 10.7 inches long

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