POLICE TECHNICAL Releases “Community”, a New Solution System for Law Enforcement Personnel

POLICE TECHNICAL announced the release date of August 8, 2014 for “Community,” an online registration, training, and tracking solution for its students. The internally developed system will replace the existing student registration and tracking system, which maintains data on tens of thousands of law enforcement nationally.

Upon the release of “Community,” students will use a single, secure login to register for POLICE TECHNICAL courses, monitor their progress through certification tracks, evaluate their courses, and retrieve financial information.

Additionally, law enforcement agencies who host POLICE TECHNICAL classes will have a more efficient method of tracking their classes and students. Bringing the best in technical training to their personnel and regions will be easier than ever before.

“’Community’ represents a major shift for our student and agency services,” said Thomas Manson, POLICE TECHNICAL CEO and Founder. “In eight years we have grown from a small group of instructors providing ‘applications training’ to a company of more than 20 people focused on providing systems and solutions to law enforcement nationally.”

Manson said that, for the first time in company history, POLICE TECHNICAL training will continue seamlessly beyond the classroom.

“Being a part of POLICE TECHNICAL has always provided our students with more than they expected, but ‘Community’ will set a new standard for what agencies should expect from a training provider,” Manson said.

“Community’s” release will begin August 8, 2014. Data migration for all existing students and classes will take place immediately with a roll out of additional services to follow. All POLICE TECHNICAL students will have full access to “Community” upon its release. The new service system will open to all law enforcement before the end of the year.

POLICE TECHNICAL is a national law enforcement training company founded by Thomas Manson. Its main office is located in Terre Haute, Ind. The company currently employs 18 instructors, who teach and maintain 15 courses in five certification tracks.