Peerless Handcuff Co.

100th Year Anniversary - Peerless Handcuff Co.

Peerless Handcuff Company was established in 1914 by James Milton Gill in Springfield, Massachusetts. In that year Peerless first began offering a swinging bow – self locking - adjustable handcuff. The novel design was quickly adopted by law enforcement and correctional agencies. Since that time it has become the iconic handcuff design and Peerless has become recognized as a leader in the restraint industry. 2014 marks its 100th Anniversary. As a fourth generation family business, Peerless remains committed to producing the finest restraints available. Throughout its long history Peerless has been headquartered in Springfield. Its signature restraint products are still proudly made in the USA. Peerless offers a full range of metallic restraint products and accessories. These products are used by law enforcement, corrections and military agencies throughout the USA and countries around the world. 

  • 1912 
    U.S. Patent 1,017,955 issued to George A. Carney for a “swinging bow ratchet-type” adjustable handcuff.
  • 1914 
    James Milton Gill establishes Peerless Handcuff Company. First production model sold based on Carney patent.
  • 1932 
    Redesigned cuff introduced. Cuff is thinner and uses a barrel style key that will become the accepted “universal” handcuff key design.
  • 1942 
    TO 1945 All production limited to “blued” finish due to nickel shortage during WWII.
  • 1949 
    Death of James Milton Gill.
  • 1957 
    Peerless introduces 4.5 oz. lightweight handcuff.
  • 1963 
    First Peerless Leg Iron sales.
  • 1978 
    One millionth Peerless restraint sold.
  • 1981 
    First Peerless Waist Chain sales. Peerless introduces its Hinged style handcuff.
  • 1995 
    First Peerless cuffs to be marked with model numbers Model 300 and Model 301.
  • 1998 
    Model 500 and the 500 Series introduced.
  • 2001 
    Peerless introduces Model 510 High Security Restraint using nonstandard key.
  • 2002 
    Model 700 and 800 series introduced. First Peerless product with raised rivet design.
  • 2007 
    Model P010 handcuff introduced.
  • 2008 
    First sales of Peerless color plated restraints. 2011 6th millionth Peerless restraint sold. 
  • 2014 
    Peerless® Handcuff Company celebrates 100 years as a 4th generation, family-run business.