Zistos Corp.

Zistos Announces the New StealthSCOPE™ & ExplorerSCOPE™

Designed for tactical surveillance applications, the new StealthSCOPE™ from Zistos Corporation is a videoscope that combines a powerful internal 980 nanometer IR laser light source — completely invisible to humans — with electronically-enhanced, low-light video processing. Its 9mm diameter allows it to be inserted into small openings and tight areas. The StealthSCOPE is available in lengths from .5 to 3 meters long. It can generate images of objects and individuals as far as 20+ feet away in pitch darkness. This innovative battery-powered device has a built in high resolution monocular video display and is completely functional by itself. The rubber shrouded monocular eliminates any glow from the screen to maintain maximum stealth.  The scope features a four-way, articulating tip and a semi-rigid flex-and-stay guide tube which holds its shape — making it easier and safer than ever to see around corners, over walls, under doors, and into any large area through a small opening.

The system is compatible with external components such as LCD screens, recorders and transmitters. One of the main features of the StealthSCOPE is that it can operate in a standalone mode without the need for any other components - making it rapidly deployable. The standalone operation makes the scope ideally suited for applications where a team is inserted into an environment and they occasionally need to engage in tactical surveillance activities to better assess unknown conditions as they clear a building or facility. The scope can be holstered or stored in a pouch attached to a belt or vest and retrieved for use, as needed, by the operator. This allows the user to participate in other team functions in addition to operating the tactical surveillance tool.

If needed, other members of the team can share the visual intelligence, as the scope is fully compatible with, and can power a Zistos WalkAbout LCD monitor fitted to the back of an operator’s vest.  Unlike most other videoscope designs that perform poorly in low-light/no light conditions, the StealthSCOPE can see 20+ feet in pitch darkness using IR illumination because of new video processing technology, along with our new IR laser design.  A variety of different rigid guide tube accessories are available that allow the semi-rigid or flexible scope to be used in a completely horizontal orientation.

The new StealthSCOPE design is a powerful and broad spectrum tool that will find applications in many tactical scenarios including, barricades, hostage and active shooter scenarios.

Counter Terror & Search Operations

The Zistos ExplorerSCOPE is the newest, most technologically advanced tool for cargo security and counter terror operations. Similar to the StealthSCOPE with one exception — it uses a visible light source (unlike the invisible IR light source used in the StealthSCOPE) that increase its viewable range . It can generate images of objects and individuals that are 40 feet (12 m) away — in pitch darkness — without the need for any other components!

 The semi-rigid, flex-and-stay guide tube can maintain a horizontal position or span a gap when inserted into a void space. The ExplorerSCOPE is uniquely capable of inspecting large open areas through a small opening.  Visual assessments of shipping containers, vaults, tanks, holds and room interiors can be made through small access holes and without entry.

Designed for maximum portability, the ExplorerSCOPE is battery-powered and combines a powerful internal laser light source coupled with electronically-enhanced low-light video processing hardware, along with a high resolution video monocular.

ExplorerSCOPE is supplied with hard carry case, two rechargeable lithium batteries, battery charger, battery cradle, and rigid guide tube. It includes a cordless drill, drill bits and permanent sealing plugs to re-seal the container. The scope is compatible with an optional Zistos 5.6" LCD to allow additional viewers.