N.C. Sheriff's Absence Raises Questions


Speculation is swirling around Yadkin County Sheriff Mike Cain, after sources told WXII the sheriff hasn't been in the office since last week.

Sources said a meeting was planned for Wednesday morning to discuss a vacant position, but no one would say the meeting involved Cain's absence.

WXII spoke with Cain on Monday and asked the sheriff if he was planning to resign. Cain said he didn't know.

The N.C. State Bureau of Investigation confirmed on Monday that an investigation into the Sheriff's Department is continuing but the agency declined to discuss specifics of the case.

Cain also said he's been advised to not discuss the case.

Cain's attorney, David Freedman, told WXII that Cain is being cooperative with investigators and expected the matter to be resolved shortly.

Cain was the target of an SBI probe that started last summer. District Attorney Tom Horner told the Elkin Tribune in November that the probe centered on a leasing agreement involving three motorcycles, as well as questions about several checking accounts maintained by the Sheriff's Department.

Cain was elected sheriff in 1998.

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