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Today, if you carry a self-rescue kit, no one thinks youre crazy or paranoid. In fact, they generally want to know more about it and where to get one. Naturally, training in self-rescue is a booming mini-industry, and its becoming incorporated into more and more in-service training. In the early days of the current self-rescue trend (maybe five years ago), you could get very different advice from different trainers as to what to carry in a self-rescue kit. Some advised that you carry hemostatic clotting agents (of which QuikClot is probably the most well known) and some were leery of them. Some trainers had you carrying Asherman Chest Seals to treat pneumothoraxs and some didnt. Many trainers wanted you to carry scissors and latex gloves in the kit and some didnt see the need. Realizing that most injured cops, unlike soldiers in combat, will get treatment pretty quickly, most law enforcement-specific tactical medicine trainers today have coalesced around a three-part self-rescue kit: clotting agent, super-absorbent bandage, and a tourniquet. Chest seals arent usually included since most pneumothoraxs take time to kill you. Gloves should already be on you all the time anyway and arent even necessary if youre working on yourself, while scissors arent really necessary and you probably have a knife on you in any case. This makes for a pretty compact three-part kit, one thats easily carried in a cargo pocket of your pants or a small pouch on a raid vest. Its critical for injured officers to try and slow down their heartbeat and respiration, says Eric Stratton, Deputy Sheriff, EMT, assistant tactical team commander, and well known tactical medicine trainer through STS Consulting ( HYPERLINK "http://www.tactical-ems.com" www.tactical-ems.com). During this high stress event the heart pumps faster and harder - both bad when you are bleeding out. Officers should practice slowing down their breathing and attempting to control their heart rate. A good way to show officers this is by having them shoot at several targets and then use a heart rate monitor or pulse oximeter to show them how high their rate is and to concentrate in slowing it down. A slower heart rate means a slower bleed out rate. He continues: Officers also must practice accessing and using their self-rescue kit. Trying to remember where it is and what you do with its components after youre shot isnt the time to be figuring this stuff out. A down-and-dirty kit can be assembled with a sanitary pad, a tourniquet made from a length of webbing and FasTex buckles, and a package of clotting agent. Carried in a zip-lock bag, this home-made kit will do the job. A better kit can include professionally designed tourniquets and bandages, such as the the new H-bandage and the TK-4L tourniquet from H&H Associates. The H-bandage can be applied and secured with one hand, and doesnt require cumbersome wrapping of the limb. The TK-4L tourniquet fared very well in recent Navy tests and can also be applied one-handed. Going one step furtherm the new Blackhawk Integrated Tourniquet System incorporates tourniquets directly into their tactical apparel. Predominant clotting agents on the market today are QuikClot, Trauma-dex, Celox and the newly introduced ActCel. QuikClot has been reformulated so that it is no longer thermogenic (heat producing), and its newest version is QuickClot Combat Gauze, essentially a roll of gauze impregnated with the new inorganic QuickClot formulation that can be used as regular gauze (with hemostatic qualities), or the entire roll can be inserted into a large wound to stem the blood loss. ActCel, the newcomer (distributed by Royal Arms), is made entirely from cellulose and is non-thermogenic and hypo-allergenic (people with fish allergies should not use shellfish-based hemostatic clotting agents.) When it comes in contact with blood, ActCel expands to 3-4 times its original size, promoting clotting, and then converts to a gel that dissolves into glucose and saline over a 1-2 week period. Because of its purity and the fact that it simply degrades to these end products, ActCel does not cause delayed healing. The life-saving value of all of these clotting agents has been proved many times over in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, no matter what your budget, you can afford to have a self-rescue kit, and you definitely cant afford to be without one! ----- end ----- More Information  HYPERLINK "http://www.z-medica.com" www.z-medica.com  HYPERLINK "http://www.cinghtight.com" www.cinghtight.com  HYPERLINK "http://www.tactical-ems.com" www.tactical-ems.com  HYPERLINK "http://www.royalarms.com" www.royalarms.com  HYPERLINK "http://www.combattourniquet.com" www.combattourniquet.com  HYPERLINK "http://www.blackhawk.com" www.blackhawk.com     PAGE 2  PAGE 1 Mroz Page ,7>?@ 4GHI]^d/ 789KLMNwļܶܮܣܶܶ܄yܮnܮjh qUjh qUh q5OJQJ\h q^JaJ h#}^J h q0Jjh qUjh qU h q^Jh qOJQJh qOJQJh$iOJQJh qOJQJh qh qCJ OJQJh qOJQJ^Jh q5CJOJQJ++,7>?@ 4/M  !d$da$dd` $^`a$$a$wxy<=>OPUVXY[\^_abhijklnopq⹵v/jh qB*CJOJQJUmHnHphuh q0JCJOJQJh q0JmHnHu h q0Jjh q0JUhJjhJUjh qUjh qUjLh qUh q h q0Jjh qUjsh qU,QRSUWXZ[]^`almnoq|}$h]ha$ $"&`#$a$"&`#$h]h&`#$ ! $d`a$  !dqrxyz{|¾hJh qh qCJOJQJ h q0J!h$i0JCJOJQJmHnHuh q0JCJOJQJjh q0JCJOJQJU  !$a$8 00 P/ =!"#$% DpDyK www.tactical-ems.comyK :http://www.tactical-ems.com/DyK www.z-medica.comyK 2http://www.z-medica.com/DyK www.cinghtight.comyK 6http://www.cinghtight.com/DyK www.tactical-ems.comyK :http://www.tactical-ems.com/DyK www.royalarms.comyK 4http://www.royalarms.com/DyK www.combattourniquet.comyK Bhttp://www.combattourniquet.com/DyK www.blackhawk.comyK 4http://www.blackhawk.com/f 666666666vvvvvvvvv666666>6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666hH6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666662 0@P`p2( 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p8XV~OJQJ_HmH nH sH tH N`N Normal%B*CJOJQJ_HmH phsH tH ZZ  Heading 1"$$0x@&^`0a$ 5OJQJX@X  Heading 2"$$0x@&^`0a$ 5CJ\H@H  Heading 3$$@&a$5OJQJ\DA`D Default Paragraph FontViV 0 Table Normal :V 44 la (k ( 0No List 4 @4 Footer  !44 Header  !.)@.  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