911 Signal USA

911 Signal USA

Company Details:
1410 Park Lane S
Jupiter, FL 33478 USA

Phone: 561-427-0974
Fax: 561-427-0979


911 Signal USA is a global leader in the emergency lighting industry. During our time in the industry, we are often asked by customers and soon to be customers why our prices are dramatically lower than our competitors, especially our top-notch LED lights. The answer is simple; we don’t just sell emergency vehicle lighting, we also manufacturer our emergency vehicle lights ourselves.

You will likely see emergency vehicle lights similar to the emergency lights we carry in our online store elsewhere on the Internet. However, our competitors’ products usually come with higher price tags. Some of the products may be remarkably similar to 911 Signal USA products because we also private label for many other retailers.

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911 Signal USA is Attending IACP Conference

October 16, 2013
From 911 Signal USA