Primal USA, LLC

Primal USA, LLC


Primal USA, LLC is a Roswell, Georgia based sales, marketing and manfufacting organization focuses on body worn and transportable video technologies. They offer a wide array of products including the DutyCAM Body Worn Video cameras series. The company sells via its online store and select sales channel partners.

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DutyCam Body Worn Camera Surveillance

Product From Primal USA, LLC

A true HD quality camera / DVR boasting a 1920 x 1080P recorded image, not the 640 x 480 being promoted at the market leader.


Activate the camera with the DutyCAM's innovative wireless remote controller / previewer unit. Never have to touch or adjust your body worn camera in the middle of an incident. Switch between the DutyCAM's camera and remote with the touch of a button.

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