Company Details:

Los Angeles, CA

Impressum Media is a publishing company specialized in innovative next generation publishing projects – interactive multimedia CDs and DVDs.

We've brought together a powerful creative force of talented application developers, artists, designers and programmers together with experienced professionals from traditional media such as TV, newspaper and magazine publishing, but also from the advertising, marketing and business world.

Such a synergy of talents create and develop interactive multimedia projects which we place in newspapers and magazines as a complimentary publication supplement, or we place them on the market as independant publications.

Our mission is to overcome limitations of traditional print publications – newspapers, magazines, books, manuals or catalogs as well as widening presentation possibilities to which our teams' creativity is endless.

Every print publication with our interactive multimedia CD or DVD supplement becomes an ample, fun, modern and attractive product.

Our goal is to develop unique products for each client, according to their needs using modern marketing and IT technologies.

To our clients, such products bring added market value while being more cost effective than print supplements. Our supplement also easily generates extra advertising income which completely recovers production costs.


Firearms Guide, 2nd Edition

Firearms Guide, 2nd Edition