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RadShark designs and manufactures inexpensive, accurate, high quality, calibrated radiation monitoring devices. Made in the USA,  our customers would be anyone concerned about  exposure to radiation.

RadShark was founded by Liza Marie Hart an electronics engineer with forty six years of experience. Twelve of those years directly relating to high power X-Ray equipment and radiation detection. The original design was developed years ago for her own personal radiation protection. Later with the growing concern for the public and First Responder needs, the RadShark unit was designed and subsequently offered as a high quality, inexpensive multifunctional monitor. The different modes of operation were determined from years of experience in the every day needs that presented themselves over that twelve year time period.

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RadShark Multi-Functional Radiation Monitor

Product From RadShark

The RadShark is a multifunction radiationmonitoring device with a two line LCD display. It isdesigned to provide an accurate cost-effective,monitoring device, with a wide range of functionality.

Modes of operation are displayed on the first line:

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