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Pistol-Cam from Legend Technologies captures the moments leading up to and including any discharge of the weapon and is also a powerful video training aid for police.
The Pistol-Cam digital video recording device records with full sound documenting activity after a handgun is released from its holster. Pistol-Cam is an easy attachment to any modern handgun or firearm available on the market. Pistol-Cam activates automatically upon the unholstering of a handgun and features up to 60 minutes of state of the art MPEG 4 digital video and audio in a compact 6-ounce package. Additionally, it features a rechargeable lithium battery with auto-on feature as the weapon is unholstered. When holstered, Pistol-Cam is in battery saving stand-by mode. When critically low, Pistol-Cam automatically switches to digital still mode and captures still digital photos of any event. All videos and pictures are stored in a high capacity on board memory and available for download via USB to any PC or laptop.

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