MPRI, an divsion L-3, provides Laser Marksmanship Training Systems (LMTS) and the BEAMHIT family of small arms marksmanship training and shooting sports simulation products.

  • 7142 Columbia Gateway Dr.
  • Columbia, MD 21046
  • Phone: 443-285-4700
  • Toll Free: 800-BEAMHIT
  • Fax: 443-285-4743
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390 Series

Product From MPRI

The MPRI-BEAMHIT 390 Series is an advanced interactive small arms training system for anyone that uses a weapon as a tool. With a proven record in law enforcement and military small arms training, the 390 System uses an interactive video training simulator that provides judgmental shoot/no shoot scenarios, full-sized target engagement, and interactive skill building exercises. Users can employ standard default training videos or create their own using standard video formats such as .avi, mpeg, and others. The system is totally mobile and can be quickly set up in a limited training area. Training is further enhanced with full-sized qualifying targets like the TranStar II and M9 Pistol. Users train with their own weapon and hits are displayed on both the screen and the computer monitor. The "analyze" feature of the system plays back the video via pause/play mode to show laser hits in relation to the training sequence.

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