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Bullet Recovery System - Catches bullets and preserves bullets 100% In Tact!!! This revolutionary NEW product catches the bullet and keeps it 100% in tact 100% of the time. It is so revolutionary that even powder residues remain intact. It is far superior to the current day water tank systems, and cost less to buy and/or operate! Perfectly preserves all types of test-fired rounds whether soft point, FMJ hollow point, cast lead, shot gun slugs, high-velocity rounds (alleviates having to "down load"), Starfire cartridges, Gold Dot, Hydrashock and even Glaser safety slugs. Now - law enforcement, police departments, forensic experts, investigators, and prosecutors have a new and better way to help them solve crimes, while producing higher quality evidence. Currently - there is nothing like this in the market place and this product is a must see if you are in any of the above fields! For a live demo of this new product please contact us at (770) 399-7967.

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Duke Projectile Recovery System


It is now possible to test fire a bullet, easily retrieve it and have 100 percent identification of the unique markings available, including powder residue. Ballistics Research Inc. has developed a patented process, the Duke Projectile Recovery System (DPRS), that enables any caliber of bullet ranging from small handguns to large military rounds to be recovered for ballistis testing/forensic firarm identification. DPRS can capture hollow-point rounds; shotgun rounds; high-velocity, full-metal jackets; soft points; and Glaser rounds whole and completely undamaged (not just the casing). When a test round is fired, it enters the recovery system where it encounters layers of fibrous material. The bullet is encapsulated in the fiber and resistance is applied without direct contact on the bullet, preserving the entire bullet and powder residue.

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