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Bullet Recovery System - Catches bullets and preserves bullets 100% In Tact!!! This revolutionary NEW product catches the bullet and keeps it 100% in tact 100% of the time. It is so revolutionary that even powder residues remain intact. It is far superior to the current day water tank systems, and cost less to buy and/or operate! Perfectly preserves all types of test-fired rounds whether soft point, FMJ hollow point, cast lead, shot gun slugs, high-velocity rounds (alleviates having to "down load"), Starfire cartridges, Gold Dot, Hydrashock and even Glaser safety slugs. Now - law enforcement, police departments, forensic experts, investigators, and prosecutors have a new and better way to help them solve crimes, while producing higher quality evidence. Currently - there is nothing like this in the market place and this product is a must see if you are in any of the above fields! For a live demo of this new product please contact us at (770) 399-7967.

Duke Projectile Recovery System

Duke Projectile Recovery System