Company Details:
13751 Jefferson Davis Hwy.
Chester, VA 23831

Phone: 704-957-1956

Zyflex® Sportgear was originally founded by a handful of former members of DuPont who had in their possession a patent that allowed them to make a unique fabric that was perfect for cold outdoor weather. The Zyflex® Thermal fabric combined a blend of properties (insulation, water-resistance, and breathability) that was altogether different from any other fabric on the market. In addition to the Thermal line, Zyflex® is pleased to offer a Performance line, the best apparel for moisture management. While not patented products, Zyflex® is proud to endorse the Performance line for use in year round activity. As always, what continues to separate Zyflex® from any other technical apparel company is our commitment to sell all of our gear directly from our plant to the consumers. From its inception Zyflex® vision has been to provide the most affordable technical apparel by selling directly via our internet and catalog to people who need high tech gear at the best prices around.