Company Details:
P.O. Box 267
96 John Putnam Memorial Dr.
Cambridge, VT 05444-0267

Phone: 802-644-8910
Toll Free: 800-690-8910
Fax: 802-644-5872

Manufacturer: VS-14 Sentinel - The Sentinel is a completely self-contained video surveillance system housed in a Pelican 1400 weatherproof equipment case. A rechargeable 12vdc battery provides sufficient power for extended deployment durations up to thirty days. When deployed, the Sentinel system remains in a stand-by or dormant state until "triggered" when a wireless sensor detects activity. A wireless command is broadcast which activates the Sentinel into record mode. A weatherproof, high-resolution video camera is connected to the Sentinel and immediately begins recording video on a Sony Zbox2 Hi-8mm recorder with imbedded time and date of the event. A "record duration" dial enables you to adjust how long the system will record when triggered. This is adjustable from one minute to one hour per triggered event.