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Pinnacle Armor provides armors for ballistic, explosive blast and forced entry threats, armor for use in buildings, vehicles, vessels, aircraft and body armor. Pinnacle armor is your only source for flexible high power rifle defeating body armor and armor piercing handgun defeating body armor.

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SOV flexible rifle defeating body armor


Pinnacle Armor has designed a flexible, lightweight, multiple-hit capable armor system to replace the current rigid plate systems. The SOV body armor is thin enough for concealed wear, at only .858 inches for the high-power rifle defeating ballistic armor as a completed system thickness. The tactical armor is designed for load bearing options such as "Molle webbing", Alice webbing, Velcro and snap, or permanently attached. The system is designed from an operator's requirement, not from typically designed criteria, centered around dropping weights additionally, the areas of coverage per standard sizing are greater than that of typical vests. A typical standard front coverage consisting of one full square foot of protected area is able to withstand 18 .308 caliber rounds of M80 NATO ball ammunition from fifteen feet with a nominal velocity spread of 2850 to 2935 feet per second, without any penetration. The average backface signature was only 25mm.

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