Sara Scullin

Sara Schreiber, Officer's Law Enforcement Technology Editor, shares insights and thoughts with the law enforcement community.

  • Can you afford technology that saves lives?

    By Sara Scullin - Tuesday November 12, 2013
    Last week I attended the International Chiefs of Police Conference (IACP) in Philadelphia. It was encouraging to see some truly cutting-edge exhibits and displays, brought to law enforcement agencies from all over the world by companies who make...
  • An average day, What’s that like?

    By Sara Scullin - Tuesday October 15, 2013
      This month in her column, On Your Watch, Carole Moore talks about the—erm—unpredictable nature of police work. That would be an understatement. Ask two police officers or sheriff’s deputies anywhere in the country “What did you do today...
  • Putting cameras to work

    By Sara Scullin - Thursday September 12, 2013
    City-wide surveillance networks and systems are a hot topic in law enforcement. But how do you know where to begin when there’s enough new stuff out there to make your head spin? Like most things in law enforcement, it takes organization and...
  • A police officer’s daily mission against terrorism

    By Sara Scullin - Wednesday September 11, 2013
    Today marks the 12 th anniversary of Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Amid the chaos and catastrophe, many men and women struggled for their lives and many lost. Among those who made the ultimate sacrifice were countless public safety...
  • What’s your training style?

    By Sara Scullin - Tuesday August 13, 2013
    Eat right and exercise. That’s a pretty common nugget of advice for anyone seeking wellness. But exercise is a personal thing, which leaves lots of room for interpretation. You have to do what’s right for you. Back when I was a bonafide “gym...
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