Jonathan Kozlowski

Jonathan Kozlowski, Officer's Law Enforcement Technology Editor, shares insights and thoughts with the law enforcement community.

  • Kickstarter: Police Projects

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Thursday April 10, 2014
    Note: Thoughts and opinions are my own, not of any publication under Cygnus Law Enforcement Media ... yada yada yada. These aren't endorsements and are for entertainment and informational purposes alone. Earlier this week (April 6 to 12), a law...
  • Robots in public safety

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Thursday April 3, 2014
    Warning - Spoilers. I waited to talk about this a few nights. Perhaps you are a fan of SyFy channel's Face Off special effects show as much as I am and I didn't want to spoil the episode. Face Off (not the movie with Travolta and Cage) pits movie...
  • Automated voice identification

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Tuesday March 18, 2014
    Back in the day ... way back when ... Law enforcement needed a way to single-out one person from another. The answer was right at their fingertips. (Ha. Ha.) Apparently we all have unique fingerprints after comparing one to another matching points...
  • I hate drones.

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Tuesday February 25, 2014
    Caveat: My opinions are my own and are not representative of Cygnus Business Media and/or the properties of Cygnus Law Enforcement Media.  A quick search on Google exemplifies my point. Here, let me do it for you.  "Drone" has taken the world by...
  • Who's this dude?

    By Jonathan Kozlowski - Friday January 10, 2014
    It's President Obama. So? This isn't about how well you are at recognizing popular faces in a digitized photograph - but congratulations anyway. Think of the last photo you were photographed in. Go ahead, check Facebook and see who tagged you - I'll...
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