• How Can eCitation Benefit Officer Safety?

    - Monday March 24, 2014
    By RAD DeRose, President & CEO of L-Tron Corporation Traffic-related incidents have been the leading cause of law enforcement line-of-duty deaths (LODDs) for many years. Though many measures have been put in place to mitigate this dramatic threat...
  • The Forensic Snake: Using Python to Squeeze the Mobile Device

    - Friday March 21, 2014
    By: Lee Reiber, Vice President of Mobile Forensic Solutions at AccessData When I started my pilgrimage into mobile forensics, I did so with the goal of providing the law enforcement community with the tools and training that would assist...
  • The Value of eCitations

    - Thursday March 6, 2014
    The times of manually writing citations and incident reports are long gone – replaced with eCitations.
  • Building a Solution to Today's Problem: Mobile Device Application Overload

    - Monday March 3, 2014
    By: Lee Reiber, Vice President of Mobile Forensic Solutions at AccessData Crime today is no longer confined to the streets. Crimes are increasingly committed in a cyber-world. Looking back, I recalled patrolling the streets as a young officer in a...
  • Community Expectations w/respect to LE technology

    By L-Tron Corporation - Monday November 18, 2013
    Community Expectations   The other night I was watching TV and a commercial came on represented by a neighboring city.  The restoration of the downtown area has been a bone of contention in the community, and the city has worked to make improvements...
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