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  • Technology & Our Future

    By Frank Borelli - Monday January 21, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief Two technology related items are on the website this week.  One is the poll question about the impact of cell phone cameras / videos on how we police in today's day and age.  The other is an...
  • SWAT: Growing or Fading?

    By Frank Borelli - Tuesday January 15, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief The poll question on for the past few days has been, "Does your agency have a full time dedicated Special Operations unit?"  The response kind of surprised me and gave me pause. The choices...
  • Values On The Street

    By Frank Borelli - Monday January 14, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief In the final blog from our previous Editor he stated several of his values with regard to "the street".  I agree with much of what he said, but - from my perspective - some of it is difficult in reality to...
  • Politics and Religion and...

    By Frank Borelli - Monday January 7, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief "Never discuss politics or religion in polite company." I remember being taught that as a child. Of course, I also remember the statement, "Children should be seen and not heard." Things change. In...
  • New Year: New Beginnings

    By Frank Borelli - Wednesday January 2, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief With every New Year we each enjoy the opportunity for a fresh start; a new beginning; the chance to change something we’re not 100% happy with in our lives. For the New Year enjoys a literal...
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