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  • Wasted vs. Spent

    By Frank Borelli - Wednesday November 5, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief I pride myself on the fact that no matter what I’m reading I try to learn something. Is that an arrogant statement to make? Maybe… but recently I was reading a book I certainly didn’t...
  • Your First Answer

    By Frank Borelli - Monday November 3, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief Just recently on our forums someone posted a video of an event that happened in the course of a law enforcement officer's duties. The event itself was interesting but the person posting it saw fit ONLY to...
  • Paying on Playing Palin

    - Friday October 31, 2008
    Karen Bune Victimology Contributor On October 23, 2008 exotic dancers from across the country converged upon Las Vegas with the specific intent to compete in a Sarah Palin look-alike contest at The Paradise Club and hosted by Mr. Jeff...
  • Happy Halloween

    By Frank Borelli - Thursday October 30, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief How does your agency handle special patrols or the unique problems associated with Halloween? My experience with this has been a bit spread out and I was wondering if there have been any significant changes...
  • Move Over Santa

    - Tuesday October 28, 2008
    Karen Bune Victimology Contributor Poor Santa, also known as Michael Graham, is crying the blues over being dumped as the Santa at Tysons Center Mall in Fairfax, Virginia after his 18-year stint earning $175.00 an hour. Consequently, he...
  • The Master & The Apprentice

    By Frank Borelli - Sunday October 26, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief A few years ago I created (because I was bored and thought it sounded like a really good idea) a new awards program for police officers. The program mandated highter-than-usual skill levels and, most...

    - Sunday October 19, 2008
    Karen Bune Victimology Contributor Aside from the dangers of men hanging out in strip clubs and, perhaps, stirring the ire of their wives at home, who are caring for the kids, while they are out gallivanting or single guys with roving eyes...
  • Your Guns & Our Polls

    By Frank Borelli - Sunday October 19, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief So, as a firearms and officer survival instructor for the past almost 15 years, I've often found it interesting to discuss various outlooks on weapon preference, caliber, capacity and off-duty carry issues...
  • Ft. Myers FLA Skeletal Remains

    By Carole Moore - Thursday October 16, 2008
    Carole Moore Missing Persons Contributor Fort Myers, Fla., police say they’ve now identified three of the eight bodies discovered in a wooded area in 2007. The third man to be identified was Jonathon Tihay, who went missing some...
  • Mix & Match Politicians Poll Results

    By Frank Borelli - Sunday October 12, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief In last week's blog I put forth a short discussion about how this presidential election seems to be taking some odd twists and turns. I also put forth the idea that if the presidential candidates switched...
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