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  • Supreme Court & The 2nd Amendment

    By Frank Borelli - Thursday June 26, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief Well, Pilgrims... they've issued their "verdict". The Supreme Court has ruled, in a 5-4 decision, that the 2nd Amendment does not permit "the absolute prohibition of handguns held and used for self-defense in...
  • Red Light & Speeding Cameras

    By Frank Borelli - Friday June 20, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief I remember, in the late '90s, having a heated discussion with my father about Red Light Cameras. Speeding cameras hadn't come along yet. Why did such a conversation matter? I was a cop. My dad was a...
  • Our Nation's Capital

    By Frank Borelli - Tuesday June 17, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief So, as I sat doing my morning work it occurred to me that things are a bit... ah... off in our nation's capital city: Washington DC. It would seem to me that our capital should be the ONE place that EVERY law...
  • Constitutional vs. Convenient

    By Frank Borelli - Monday June 9, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief Recently, in our nation's capital, Washington D.C., the police department put an operation into effect empowering their officers to check the occupants of every vehicle coming into a given PUBLIC area to...
  • Rumor Control Isn't

    By Frank Borelli - Wednesday June 4, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief "Rumor control isn't" is one of the first things I was told when I became a police officer. What I couldn't understand was, WHY NOT? In a business where we arrest people - we take their freedom from them...
  • Community Policing Today

    By Frank Borelli - Sunday June 1, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief I remember, oh so well, in the early '90s when "Community Oriented Policing" became the new buzzwords in law enforcement how so many agencies all of a sudden started teaching classes for the subject. As a...
  • Memorial Day

    By Frank Borelli - Sunday May 25, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief According to online resources, Memorial Day was first celebrated as Decoration Day to honor the Union dead after the end of the Civil War. The name "Memorial Day" wasn't used until 1882; became more common...
  • Ethics & Prosperity

    By Frank Borelli - Monday May 19, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief Given that I have to write anywhere from 52 to 104 blogs per year I'm always on the look out for new topics and ideas. Sometimes they come from the unlikeliest of places. The inspiration for this blog came...
  • This National Police Week Say Thank you

    By Frank Borelli - Sunday May 11, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief National Police Week has arrived once again. We honor with sadness the 181 officers who made the ultimate sacrifice in 2007. There have been a number of articles written about the value of attending Police...
  • We All Wear A Uniform

    By Frank Borelli - Tuesday May 6, 2008
    Frank Borelli Editor-in-Chief Just today I was talking with some folks and in the course of conversation the topic of how well various public safety members get along was brought up. There was a belief put forth that police officers and...
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